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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Amplatzer ASO device closure of secundum atrial septal defects and patent foramen ovaleGrech, Victor E.; Felice, Herbert; Fenech, Albert; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2005Cardiac catheter assessment of congenital heart disease prior to total cavopulmonary connectionDeGiovanni, Joseph V.; Grech, Victor E.
2005Clinical manifestations of Deletion 22q11.2 syndrome (DiGeorge/Velo-CardioFacial syndrome)Digilio, Maria Cristina; Marino, Bonnie; Capolino, Rossella; Dallapiccola, B.
2003Defining the morphologic phenotypes of atrial septal defects and interatrial communicationsMcCarthy, Karen; Ho, S.E.; Anderson, Robert H.
2000Do multivitamin supplements reduce the risk for congenital heart defects? : evidence and gapsBotto, Lorenzo
2004How to achieve balloon stability in aortic valvuloplasty using rapid ventricular pacingMehta, C.; Shebani, S.; Grech, Victor E.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2002Inhaled nitric oxide applications in paediatric practiceBernasconi, A.; Beghetti, Maurice
2003Late presentation and successful treatment of classical scimitar syndromeGrech, Victor E.; Xuereb, R.; Xuereb, M.; Manche, Alexander; Schembri, K.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2002Management of an absent pulse following arterial catheterizationDeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2002New insights in genetics of congenital heart defectsDigilio, Maria Cristina
2004Right ventricular myocardium in Fallot's tetralogy : a light microscopic, morphometric and ultrastructural studyKuruvilla, Sarah; Parvathy, Usha; Balakrishnan, K.R.
2002Spontaneous closure of a large secundum atrial septal defectGalea, N.; Grech, Victor E.
2005Stenting of the aortic arch as an emergency palliation of aortic dissection after cardiac surgery in an infantEmmel, Matthias Alexander; Sreeram, Narayanswami; Brockmeier, Konrad
2004Surgical treatment of aortic coarctationPoruban, Rudolf; Sagat, Michal; Nosal, Matej; Hraska, Viktor; Omeje, Ikenna C.
2002Three-dimensional echocardiography of ventricular septal defectsHoch, Martin; Roemer, U.; Kozlik-Feldmann, Rainer; Fuchs, Alexandra; Netz, Heinrich
2003The use of anticoagulation in pediatric cardiac diseaseBoris, Jeffrey R.; Harris, Matthew A.