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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis and comparison of Bitcoin and S and P 500 market features using HMMs and HSMMsSuda, David; Spiteri, Luke
2013Comparative study of automatic speech recognition techniquesCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2019Comparing market phase features for cryptocurrency and benchmark stock index using HMM and HSMM filteringSuda, David; Spiteri, Luke
2021A comparison of speech recognition techniques and modelsPizzuto, Andrew (2021)
2019Detecting human abnormal behaviour through a video generated modelGatt, Thomas
2007An enhanced centered binary tree of SVMs algorithm for phoneme recognitionGauci, Oliver; Debono, Carl James; Micallef, Paul
2014Hand gesture spotting and recognition using hidden Markov modelsBilocca, Sabrina (2014)
2023HMM-based gesture recognition for eye-swipe typingMifsud, Matthew; Camilleri, Tracey A.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2003Maltese speech recognition over mobile telephonyCalleja, Sinclair
2004Name finding from free text using HMMSGrixti, Wayne; Abela, Charlie; Montebello, Matthew
2001Phoneme classification in hardware implemented neural networksGatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph; Micallef, Paul; Chilton, Edward
2012-02Switching multiple models for the segmentation of sleep EEG dataCamilleri, Tracey A.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Fabri, Simon G.
2020Using hidden Markov model to monitor possible loan defaults in banksKamath, Harish; Jahan, Noor Firdoos
2008Using hidden Markov models in credit card transaction fraud detectionChetcuti, Tanya; Dingli, Alexiei