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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201833 countries of origin’ profiles - C.A.P.T.I.V.E. Cultural Agent Promoting & Targeting Interventions vs Violence & EnslavementRossoni, Isotta; Antony, D.; Bowen, E.; Cala-Carrillo, M.J.; Calafato, Trevor; Daniel, S.; Formosa, Saviour; Formosa Pace, Janice; Giammarinaro, Vita; González-Monteagudo, J.; Mestre, C.; O'Doherty, L.; Pilocane, Giuseppe; Pillinger, C.; Robino, Anna; Rohr, R.; Scicluna, Sandra; Trigo-Sánchez, E.; Vita, Floriana
2002The abolition of the death penalty in international lawGerman, Keith Francis
2003Abortion and human rights : a comparative study between western and non western perceptionRaji, Soumia (2003)
2023Accessibility as a fundamental human right : does the law offer adequate protection to persons with disability?Cauchi, Karl (2023)
2020Advance directives : addressing the obligations of support as part of the right of a person with disabilities to equal recognition before the law?Bianchi, Daniel
2023Analysing the relationship between sovereignty and humanitarian intervention under international law : when is humanitarian intervention justified?Mallia Mercieca, Kezia (2023)
2004An analysis of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the MediterraneanMeilak, Ryan John (2004)
2012The Arab revolutions of 2011 : revolutions of dignityEyadat, Zaid
2012The Arab Spring : digitial youth and the challenge of workHerrera, Linda; Mayo, Peter
2021Artificial intelligence : an opportunity or a threat for the protection of human rights?Słotwińska, Karolina
2018Aspects of development of the right to lifeMallia, Abigail
2004Aspects of jurisdiction in Public International Law : a case studyBugeja, Mario
1990The award of compensation for non-material damages in human rights casesBorg, Adrian (1990)
2003Bail : a fundamental right to liberty?Busuttil, Anne Marie (2003)
2008Balancing rights and duties : implications for human rightsAbela, Fransina
2017The best interests of the child : a term of convenience?Piscopo, Kimberly
2014Beyond borders : a study about the contribution social work advocacy can offer towards the eradication of extreme povertySchembri, Rakele
2001Beyond Pinochet : bringing to justice human rights violators from the Middle EastTuttle, Myrna Fakhry (2001)
2002Biblical perspectives on the clash of civilizationsFrendo, Anthony J.
2001Biological weapons and human rights : ethical issuesCharani, Hala (2001)