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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Access to justice : a real or a fictitious human right? : an analysis of civil judicial costs in MaltaRefalo, Maria
2021The 'Affirmation of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Act' : an analysisMangion, Mireille (2021)
2020The aftermath of the De Paule Band Club case : has the importance of court decisions and the rule of law been undermined?Vella, Steve (2020)
2007The ambiguous borderline between human rights and national security : the journalist’s dilemma in the reporting of irregular immigrants in MaltaSammut, Carmen
2021An analysis of Article 6 (3)(c) of the European Convention in light of recent judgementsVassallo Ciliberti, Sarah (2021)
2020An analysis of selected landmark human rights judgments that have had an impact on Maltese criminal lawMifsud, Luke (2020)
2016An analysis of the act concerning the reform of drug legislation in Malta : what changes will Act 1 of 2015 bring about?Scerri Herrera, Alexander
2021An analysis of the discrimination against the surviving members of the family of the deceased before and after the 2004 amendmentsDarmanin, Martina (2021)
2012Annual report 2011aditus foundation
2013Annual report 2012 : year twoaditus foundation
2017An appraisal of embryo freezing in the light of Comparative Law and European Court of Human Rights DecisionsMicallef, Rebecca
2020Armed Forces of Malta rules versus human rights yardstick : how do they measure up?Ciantar, Maria Ruth (2020)
2003Aspects of financial services legislation in the light of administrative law and human rightsMallia, Danielle
2016An assessment of the application of the right to liberty and security of the person in MaltaFilletti, Martina
2018Banning the burqa : a human rights approach versus a common good approachEllul, Maria Claire
2015Biennial report for 2013 - 2014aditus foundation
2021The cardinal rights pertaining to a suspect or accused person prior to the making of a confession : with special reference to MaltaScerri Herrera, Consuelo (2021)
2007Charter dwar id-drittijiet, il-protezzjoni u l-izvilupp tat-tarbija mit-tnissil sat-twelidMoviment Malti Dwar id-Drittijiet, il-Protezzjoni u l-Izvilupp tat-Tarbija mit-Tnissil sat-Twelid; Scerri Herrera, Consuelo; Soler, Christopher
1998Children's rights and the Year Five classroomCarbonaro, Maria D.; Darmanin, Melanie
2014The ‘Civil Unions Act, 2014’ and its effect on Civil Law aspectsCamilleri, Emma