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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The archaeological sequence of the circleStoddart, Simon; Hardy, Peter; Malone, Caroline; Mason, Simon; Pedley, Hugh Martyn; Trump, David H.
1997Celebrating an island heritage : Malta's world acclaimed sites include its sixteenth-century capital city and the samples of a mysterious neolithic cultureRose, Mark
2020Hiatus or continuity in prehistoric Malta? from Early Neolithic to Temple PeriodBonanno, Anthony
[n.d.]In the Islands of the giant templesSteiner, Andreas M.; Vidale, Massimo; Cilia, Daniel; Schonhowd, Elise; Malta Tourism Authority
1994La mort à Malte pendant la préhistoire : le Cercle de BrochtorffTrump, David H.; Bonanno, Anthony; Gouder, Tancred
2008Le modele architectural du Tarxien reconstitue par Ugolini : la solution?Le Chevretel, Roger
2009Material cultureMalone, Caroline; Malone, Caroline; Bonanno, Anthony; Trump, David H.; Dixon, John; Leighton, Robert; Pedley, Hugh Martyn; Stoddart, Simon; Schembri, Patrick J.
1999Megalithic mandalas of the Middle Sea - the neolithic builders of Malta and their buildersEngland, Richard
1999Mortuary customs in prehistoric MaltaStoddart, Simon
1999The social context of Maltese prehistoric artTownsend, Andrew
2016The temple builders of Malta : how an isolated island culture became Europe’s most sophisticated Neolithic civilizationPowell, Eric A.
2020'Temples' or merely buildings for congregation? The prehistoric megalithic structures of Malta (3600-2500 BCE)Bonanno, Anthony