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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Facebook : its effect on identity formation among Maltese University studentsSpiteri, Christine
2011How do professional performing artists perceive their identity and its formation in relation to the performing art?Camenzuli, Vanessa Marie
2010Il-Maltin min huma? : programs 1-17Grech, Sergio
2008Lectures 10 : program 18 : approaches to immigration and multiple identitiesDepartment of Youth and Community Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta; Dye-Sharp, Mina; Azzopardi, Andrew
2009Lectures 12 : program 10 : music and the global orderWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Stokes, Martin
2009Lectures 13 : program 4 : cookery books and Maltese national ideologyWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Pisani, Elise
2012Lectures 19 : program 5 : changing religious identities at the edge of European secularity : 'Nevertheles we must run aground on some island' (Acts 27)Works in Progress Seminars Series; Darmanin, Mary
2013Lectures 20 : program 17 : rethinking southern European identitiesWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Deguara, Michael
2011-04The life-course transitions of young women in a Maltese contextSpiteri, Damian; De Giovanni, Katya
2012Maltese youth, piercing and tattoo : implications for youth ministryBusuttil, Jennifer (2012)
2013-04‘Man you’ve been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.’ : on the celebration of negative affect in adolescenceCooper, Paul; Kakos, Michalis
2014Seeking recognition : subjectivity and the construction of identity in Melvin Burgess’s Junk, Doing It and Nicholas DaneCefai, Michelle