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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Adult attachment styles and body image attitudesZerafa, Monique (2006)
2013A 'bright' side for dyslexia? : an investigation of visuospatial abilities and creativity skills in dyslexic and non-dyslexic Maltese male students : a quasi-experimental studySchembri, Josef (2013)
2018Common beliefs and research evidence about dyslexic students’ specific skills : is it time to reassess some of the evidence?Martinelli, Victor; Camilleri, Doriella; Fenech, Deidre
2016Discovering social and aesthetic categories of avatars : a bottom-up artificial intelligence approach using image clusteringLim, Chong-U; Liapis, Antonios; Harrell, D. Fox
2015Dyslexia and visuospatial ability in Maltese male adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2002The effect of pictures on adult instructionBishop, Joanne (2002)
2020Examining the role of handedness in visual-spatial abilitiesLeone Ganado, Kristina (2020)
2010How the perception of archetypes in fairy tales influences undergraduate psychology studentsScerri, Francesca (2010)
2017The image of the underground : a phenomenological analysis of the socio-cultural influences on underground imageryCauchi, Mark (2017)
2021The (in)complete ruin : shaping a potential narrativeTabone, Mireille (2021)
2013Mind over matter : the use of imagery amongst the Maltese olympic athletesSchembri, Nicolette
2012Purpose, personhood, and processing : analysing sources of imagination in story responseDimech, Luke