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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Business clusters formation as a means of improving competitiveness in the tourism sectorLagos, Dimitris G.; Courtis, Panayiotis G.
2015Cluster initiatives as a competitiveness factor of modern enterprisesRyzhkova, Elena; Prosvirkin, Nikolai
2015Development of small and medium enterprises through clusters and networking : a comparative study of India, Pakistan and Sri LankaDasanayaka, Sarath W. S. B.; Sardana, G. D.
2016Innovational mechanism of implementation of cluster initiatives in businessFrank, Evgeny V.; Mashevskaya, Oksana V.; Ermolina, Lilia V.
2007Is the current German de-industrialization similar to the British case of the 1870-1914 period? similarities and differencesSalavrakos, Ioannis Dionysios
2018Monetary policy and clustering for achieving competitiveness in national businessGryzunova, Natalie Vladimirovna; Tsertseil, Juliya Sergeevna; Kookueva, Viktoriya Vladimirovna; Zaharova, D. S.
2017Organizational and financial modeling of transnational industrial clusters sustainable development : experience, risks, management innovationAndreeva, Olga Vladimirovna; Shevchik, Evgeniy Valerievich
2015Perspectives of growth of economic security by clustering of small innovation enterprisesLitvinova, Tatiana N.; Bakitko, Elena; Popova, Larisa V.; Ioda, Elena V.; Suleimanova, Leila; Chirkina, Maria
2017The problems of creation and the prospects for development of regional clustersZedgenizova, Irina; Ignatyeva, Irina
2015Solving enterprise management problem with cluster technologies and ERP-systems (in the context of capital CSE system)Kolchanova, Anna; Kolchanova, Polina