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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of online news coverage on earthquakes through text miningCamilleri, Stephen; R. Agius, Matthew; Azzopardi, Joel
2021Data science in decision-making processes : a scientometric analysisGryncewicz, Wieslawa; Sitarska-Buba, Monika
2015Data visualisation of data patterns extracted from business processesBorg, Justin
2015Data visualisation of data patterns extracted from business processesBorg, Justin (2015)
2020Data visualisation using BI for digital healthZammit, Redent (2020)
2010Does visualisation of digital landscapes serve itself : how topographic, planning, environmental and other thematic information is integrated and disseminated via web GISConchin, Stephen; Agius, Carol; Formosa, Saviour; Rizzo Naudi, Antonello
2010Evaluating the impact of task demands and block resolution on the effectiveness of pixel-based visualizationBorgo, Rita; Proctor, Karl; Chen, Min; Janicke, Heike; Murray, Tavi; Thornton, Ian M.
2020Interactive out-of-core visualisationAbela, Andrew
2019Investigating the relationship between earthquakes and online newsCamilleri, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joel; Agius, Matthew R.
2021Leading research by institutions and authors : a modern research analysisGryncewicz, Wieslawa; Sitarska-Buba, Monika
2018Natural user interfaces in 3D data visualizationZammit, Claudio
2017OntoQAV : a pipeline for visualising ontology qualityMc Gurk, Silvio; Debattista, Jeremy; Abela, Charlie
2020Time : exploring the influence of age on subjective time perception through data visualisationGrima, Braydon
2020Virtual Interfaces – Responsive Adaptive (VI-RA)Caligari, Giulia Elena