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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aspects of non life insurance business regulation in the European Union and its impact on Maltese lawBugeja, Aaron M.
2019Automobile insurance fraud detectionGrech, Liam
2020Blockchains and the credit underwriting process in the banking sectorMattedi, Carla Luciana (2020)
2007Broker's liability under the EU Directive 2002/92Marano, Pierpaolo
2020The challenges for regulation and control in an environment of rapid technological innovationsGrima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Romanova, Inna
2011A detailed analysis of no-fault motor insurance in the U.S. and the pros and cons of applying it to MaltaCamilleri, John Paul
2021Different models of peer-to-peer insurance and legal issuesMarano, Pierpaolo
2009The effect of the commission's proposed amendments to the EU VAT directive on insurancePetroni, Elaine
2020The effectiveness of forensic auditors in the insurance processCaruana, Yanika; Grima, Simon; Thalassinos, Yannis; Baldacchino, Peter J.
2014Fitting multinomial logistic regression models and loglinear models to data related to life assurance policiesFrancalanza, Helena (2014)
2013Giurisprudenza : diritto dei mercati finanziari [Il commento di Pierpaolo Marano]Marano, Pierpaolo
2022The governance of insurance undertakingsMarano, Pierpaolo; Noussia, Kyriaki
2019The impact of evolving EU regulations on insurance underwritingFarrugia, Andre
2021Insurance and wearables as tools in managing risk in sports : determinants of technology take‑up and propensity to insure and share dataSaliba, Brandon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Cortis, Dominic
2023Insurance distribution directive and digital transformationMarano, Pierpaolo
2011L'offerta al pubblico di fondi pensione aperti e PIP e la disciplina sull'intermediazione assicurativaMarano, Pierpaolo
2012Le assicurazioni discriminano o differenziano in base al sesso?Marano, Pierpaolo
2013L’intermediazione assicurativa : mercato concorrenziale e disciplina dell’attivitàMarano, Pierpaolo
2021The perceived effectiveness of blockchain for digital operational risk resilience in the European Union insurance market sectorGrima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Sood, Kiran; ErdemDelice, Mehmet
2011The potential of new life assurance products in Malta : a market assessmentPortelli, Jamie Lee