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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysis of the interface systems as mediating agents in university/industry relations : proposal of the “relationship promoter” as a strategic role in the R&D transferencePerez-Astray, Braulio; Babio, Nuria Calvo
2006The brain rotation and brain diffusion strategies of small islanders : considering ‘movement’ in lieu of ‘place’Baldacchino, Godfrey
2009Business performance analysis via VAIC™Sabolovic, Mojmir
2018The CounterText review : universities in the neoliberal eraBonello Rutter Giappone, Krista
2016Culture and intellectual capital : towards a conceptual frameworkGupta, Uma; Massa, Nathaniel P.; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2020-10The effect of intellectual capital on price to book value with good corporate governance as a moderating variableMardhiana, Made Dwi
2017The effects of board diversity on intellectual capital performance : an empirical study from knowledge-intensive companies in IndonesiaKomala, Imas; Fuad
2015Financial effect of quality management system on intellectual capital : an analysis application on firms that quoted to construction and public works sector in Istanbul stock exchangeTurgut, Osman; Gumus, Fatih Burak
2013-04The five Cs of intellectual capital : two additional dimensions of assessmentGupta, Uma; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2001Human capital formation in the Gulf and Mena RegionShaw, Ken E.; Bahous, Rima; Thonhauser, Ingo
2017Impact of intellectual capital on profitability : conventional versus Islamic banksHasan, Rashedul; Mohammad, Niaz; Alam, Mohammad Faridul
2017Innovational methods of development of intellectual labor for economy’s securitySerebryakova, Nadezhda A.; Ovchinnikova, Tatiana I.; Bulgakova, Irina N.; Sviridova, Svetlana V.; Tolstykh, Tatiana O.
1974Intellectual proletariatAquilina, J.
1974Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 5 : issue 4Aquilina, J.; Marshall, David R.
2020Responsible decision making as primary school children move into adolescenceDotsenkoa, Eugeny L.; Startsevaa, Vera A.; Pchelinaa, Olga V.; Karaberovab, Elena V.; Ivantsovab, Natalya
2021The role of leadership in corporate social responsibility as a manifestation of organization’s intellectual capital : a conceptual frameworkBarcik, Agnieszka; Małysiak, Justyna; Dziwiński, Piotr; Jakubiec, Marcin