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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The beliefs of nurses about patients with a psychiatric history admitted to an acute area settingMallia, Robert
2008Critical care family needsBorg, Dorianne
2014Critical care nurses as dual agents : enhancing inter-professional collaboration or hindering advocacy?Trapani, Josef
2009Critical care nurses' perceptions and attitudes towards training in adult resuscitationAbela Fiorentino, Trevor
2020Dementia care in acute hospitals — a qualitative study on nurse managers’ perceived challenges and solutionsScerri, Anthony; Innes, Anthea; Scerri, Charles
2016-05Dual agency in critical care nursing : balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patientsTrapani, Josef; Scholes, Julie; Cassar, Maria
2012Early vascular access in the critical adult : intraosseous and intravenous approaches.Mallia, Michela Maria
2020Introduction to the WHO Year of the nurse and midwife : the impact of critical care nurses and meet the new editorsTume, Lyvonne N.; Trapani, Josef
2001Maltese nurses' perception of their expanded role.Azzopardi, Lawrence
2011Nurses' perceptions about the needs of relatives in an acute medical settingGrech, Lara
2009Patient safety culture in intensive care units and emergency department of an acute care hospital.Baldacchino, Anthony
2014Referring in critical care : nurses as dual agentsTrapani, Josef
2018Spotlight on bereavement careWalker, Wendy; Trapani, Josef
2017Succession planning : a case for revisiting the process in critical careScholes, Julie; Trapani, Josef
2021What's in our first online-only issueTrapani, Josef; Efstathiou, Nikolaos
2017What's in this issue : volume 22 : issue 4Scholes, Julie; Trapani, Josef
2017What's in this issue : volume 22 : issue 5Trapani, Josef; Walker, Wendy
2018What's in this issue : volume 23 : issue 1Walker, Wendy; Trapani, Josef
2018What's in this issue : volume 23 : issue 4Trapani, Josef; Walker, Wendy
2020What's in this issue : volume 25 : issue 1Trapani, Josef; Tume, Lyvonne N.