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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20151994 treaty as the basis for the 2011 agreement on free trade areaAmandossuly, B.; Aidarbaeyv, S. Z.; Shakirov, Karimzhan N.; Alexeyev, A. A.
20002000 Regular reportCommission on Malta's progress towards accession
2016Analysis tools of connecting investment opportunities and investment means in the area of small and medium-sized enterprisesValencik, Radim; Cervenka, Jan
1975Arab economic integrationKamel, Mona (1975)
2016Business administration as a basis for development of global entrepreneurshipErmakova, N. Y.; Fokina, Olga V.; Tyufiakova, Ekaterina S.; Rogacheva, Irina S.; Tyurina, Yulia
2016Comparability and reliability of financial information in the sector of Czech SMES (ten years of IFRS as a part of Czech accounting context)Kubickova, Dana; Jindrichovska, Irena
2018Comparative analysis of taxation for special economic zones in Russia and APEC economiesKuzmenko, O. A.; Pelkova, S. V.; Lukianenko, O. V.; Fomichev, I. Y.
2018Competitiveness enhancement of international financial centresSolovjova, Irina; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romanova, Inna
2010The development : Trojan horseStanciu, Miltiade; Vladuca, Laura
2010The dodecagon of internationalisation : a theoretical integration modelVillarreal Larrinaga, Oskar
2015Economic implications of the EURO-MED partnership : a case study of LibyaCamilleri, Ann (2015)
2018The effect of dividend policy on share price volatility : an analysis of Mediterranean banks' stocksCamilleri, Silvio John; Grima, Luke; Grima, Simon
2010Equity interconnections in major European marketsAlexakis, Panayiotis; Vasila, Anna
2019Estimating gravity model in the Czech Republic : empirical study of impact of IFRS on Czech international tradeUgurlu, Erginbay; Jindrichovska, Irena
2017-03The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union – Its short-to-medium term impact on the Maltese economyRapa, Noel
2008The failure of the EU in the global “Lisbon process” : a cross-national, quantitative tribute to the relevance of the economic theories of professor PanayotopoulosTausch, Arno
2015Financial integration and financial development : does financial integration matter?Fetai, Besnik
2016The financial system of the EU and the Capital Markets UnionBoldeanu, Florin Teodor; Tache, Ileana
2011Foreign direct investment and unemployment : VAR analysis for Poland in the years 1995-2009Balcerzak, Adam P.; Zurek, Miroslawa
2010Greece’s interdependence with the European Union and her loss to society functionKallianiotis, Ioannis N.