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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The abolition of the death penalty in international lawGerman, Keith Francis
2012Access to ports for ships in distress : what of disembarkation?Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia; Attard, David J.
2002Alternative dispute resolution and consumer disputes : improving European consumer confidence and access to justiceCamilleri, Nicola
2006An analysis of sources of current international legislation dealing with fisheries : with particular reference to sustainable fishing in the Mediterranean RegionMercieca, Amanda Lisa
2005Architectural heritage in international law : a Maltese perspectiveSciberras, John (2005)
2010An assessment of the Economic Partnership Agreements and their impact on the trade and economic vulnerabilities of the Caribbean regionAttard, Alexandra (2010)
2003Capital punishment as a violation of human rights : an analysis of arguments and legal documents on the death penaltyBinazer Ceylan, Yasemin (2003)
2011Case of MSS v. Belgium and Greece: A catalyst in the re-thinking of the Dublin II RegulationVella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
2005Certain aspects of international criminal environmental lawVella, Karl
2023-01Challenging world pollutersGrima, Antoine
1991Climate change as a common concern of mankindScicluna, Simone
2002Combating the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in small arms and light weaponsArabian, Lara S (2002)
2005A comparative analysis of the individual application procedure under the regional human rights systemsArslan, Gulay (2005)
2009A comparative study of the international legal personalities of collective security and defence organisations 1919-2005Galea Roberts, Neville (2009)
2009Competency and best interests of the child relating to health issues : a Maltese and international legal perspectiveMangion, Ann Marie
2001Conservation and sustainable development as emerging obligations of international lawCasingena, Ruben
2006The conservation of living resources in the MediterraneanCordina, Maurizio
1997The constitutional function of human rightsBarbera, Augusto
1979Containerized carriage by sea and the package or unit limitation questionMizzi, Alec A.
2002The contribution of certain international organizations to the development of maritime labour law and to the protection of the rights of seafarersZerafa, Lydia