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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20061830-2005 : 175 years of Belgian foreign policy and diplomacyCroin, Valerie (2006)
200419th century ideas on European unity and their influence on the European UnionCamilleri, Darren (2004)
2001Albania from dark to light? : the transition periodThika, Alban (2001)
2008An analysis of the Mediterranean dimension of Malta's foreign policyCassar, Lavinia (2008)
2022Answering the “China question” : local responses to global ChinaPavlicevic, Dragan; Talmacs, Nicole
2014-10The Arab Middle East and the West : where to from here?Bowker, Robert
2005Aspects of illegal migration in the MediterraneanBianco, Emanuel Angelo (2005)
2011Aspects of the international relations of the Order of St. John, 1683-1722Briscoe White, Neil (2011)
2010An assessment of the Economic Partnership Agreements and their impact on the trade and economic vulnerabilities of the Caribbean regionAttard, Alexandra (2010)
2005Assisting the families of the disabled : EU policy and the Maltese responseZammit Marmara, Keith (2005)
2022-05Book review : International organizations and small states : participation, legitimacy and vulnerabilityBaldacchino, Godfrey
2019-05Book review : Pacific power? Australia’s strategy in the Pacific IslandsGamage, Rajni
2021Book review : Peacebuilding in the Asia-PacificOakeshott, David
2020Book review : Small state behaviour in strategic and intelligence studiesWeiss, Tomáš
2023-11Book review : The success of small states in international relations : mice that roarZierler, Matthew C.
2020[Book review] Democracy in Southern Europe : colonialism, international relations and Europeanization from Malta to CyprusMayo, Peter
2022-03Brexit and Malta's coping strategies : diverging sheltersHarwood, Mark
2012BRICS : an emerging economic challenge for the EUD'Amato, Francesca (2012)
1970Britain, Europe - and some Malta : Britain's political chastityAustin, Dennis
2001British foreign and defence policy as a background to Maltese affairs 1945-1964Vella, Martin (2001)