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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-12The acceptance of learning management systems and video conferencing technologies : lessons learned from COVID-19Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
2017Accreditation of digital learning providers and qualificationsCamilleri, Anthony F.; Grech, Alex
2021Adult learners’ perceptions on online learningŻammit, Jacqueline
2020Analysis of communication in the educational process by means of e-learningNowakowska-Grunt, Joanna; Masloch, Piotr; Wojtaszek, Henryk; Jagodzinski, Waldemar; Miciula, Ireneusz; Stepien, Pawel; Swiecarz, Grzegorz
2010Analysis of emerging barriers for e-learning models : an empirical studyCalvo, Nuria; Rungo, Paolo
2016Assessment in e-learning for higher educationSteer, Kelly; Layfield, Colin; Garg, Lalit; Borg, Justin
2007Blogs : web journals in language educationCamilleri, Mario; Ford, Peter; Leja, Helena; Sollars, Valerie
2011Comparison of a web-based tool to measure dietary intake with 24 h recalls in Maltese school children-RealityMaltaCopperstone, Claire; McNeill, G.; Aucott, L.; Craig, L. C. A.; Jackson, D. M.
2008The connected campus : a blue sky approach to developing the virtual learning environment 2.0 (VLE 2.0) of IVIDET (International Virtual Dental School)Cox, M.J.; Dunne, S.; Hensten, Arne; Manzanares, M. Cristina; Onisei, D.; Paganelli, C.; Reynolds, Patricia A.; Rotgans, J.; Stagnell, Sami; Wilson, N.H.F.; Camilleri, Simon
2022-06-26A cost-benefit analysis on remote learning: A systematic review and implications for the futureCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
2005The development of WebQuests for SEC level course in computer studiesMamo, Romina; Parnis, Daniela
2011E-learning : suggestions for enriching Geography teaching and learning experienceGafá, Paul; Sultana, Philip
2008The earth & the universe : an online multimedia resource for students studying physics at SEC levelGrech, André
2022Evaluation of case simulations for radiographer education within FORCE projectSeime, N. D.; Aarhus, G.; Costa, P.; Huhtanen, J.; Jaronen, M.; Kamp, C.; Kraus, B.; Matthews, K.; Rainford, Louise; Strudwick, R.; Tcacenco, A.; Zarb, Francis
2005A framework for autonomous language learning via the internetMifsud, Charles L.; Zammit, Marjes
2002Il computerese : l'uso di Internet nella didattica dell'italiano come lingua stranieraScicluna, Audrey Ann (2002)
2012Integrating eLearning in english language teaching and learningBugeja, Lorraine
1998-11The Internet : an essential resource for today's teacherLucia, Ninette
2017Language pathwaysCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2011Mathematics in the new information age : teaching multiplication through online activitiesAgius, Ilona; Tabone, Kirby