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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Animal assisted interventions for children with ASD : impact on language and communicationVassallo, Sarah (2022)
2010Communicative patterns among homosexual and heterosexual couples : a qualitative studyMizzi, Audrienne (2010)
2018The CounterText review : post-truth and the post-literaryCorby, James
2010The discourse of sales interactions : a qualitative studyBoffa, Lara (2010)
2014Essential ingredients of couple therapy an exploratory study of factors that support therapeutic work with couplesCamilleri, Isabel
2013'Habitational action' : beyond inner and outer actionCamilleri, Frank
2013Interaction patterns of a mother with her children in dyadic and triadic situationsDowling, Maya
2014Intercultural competence programme : adapting knowledge, skills and attitudes in the workplace : a training handbookSOS Malta; Camilleri, Carla; Falzon, Neil
2021Interpersonal spirituality in enhancing nurses' and midwives' competence in providing spiritual care; Competence 2Attard, Josephine; Atarhim, Mohd Arif; Dobrowolska, Beata; Jomeen, Julie; Pike, Joanne; Whelan, Jacqueline
2008Love bytes : does the internet get people to click or is it simply a web of deceit?Attard, Irene (2008)
2014A Maltese perspective on breaking bad news in cancer : an assessment of patients’ preferencesAgius, Joëlle
1998The measurement effectiveness of interpersonal skills trainingYoung, Sarah Ann (1998)
2007The MUMIN coding scheme for the annotation of feedback, turn management and sequencing phenomenaAllwood, Jens; Cerrato, Loredana; Jokinen, Kristiina; Navarretta, Costanza; Paggio, Patrizia
2015Proxemics in the virtual age : potential proxemics changes because of the shift from a physical to a virtual contextCaruana, Claire
2016-05When the private becomes publicAzzopardi, Andrew