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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Adult attachment styles and body image attitudesZerafa, Monique (2006)
2008Analysing discourse in doctor-patient interaction : the Maltese and Gozitan contextsSultana, Marilyn (2008)
2014Are you understanding me? : the casework relationships being constructed in church school social workZerafa, Maria
2012Beyond the grapevine : potential counselling issues unfolding from the reality of Maltese single mothersScicluna, Anna
2018-11Building young children’s emotional competence and self- regulation from birth : the begin to... ECSEL approachHousman, Donna K.; Denham, Susanne A.; Cabral, Howard
2018Connecting authentic educational leaders and their followersXuereb, Paul
2014Contemporary community : an analysis of connection through art and technology in the digital ageBarbaro-Sant, Giuliana
1998A criticism and reappraisal of biomedical principles through the phenomenology of the physician-patient relationshipMallia, Pierre (1998)
2019-11The effect of engagement in a kindness intervention on adolescents’ well-being : a randomized controlled trialBinfet, John-Tyler; Whitehead, Jenna
2021The effects of a late diagnosis in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on life trajectoriesGrech, Elene (2021)
2014Essential ingredients of couple therapy an exploratory study of factors that support therapeutic work with couplesCamilleri, Isabel
2017The experience of living with an Ileoanal pouch : an interpretative phenomenological analysisSammut, Jacqueline; Borg Xuereb, Rita; Scerri, Josianne
2013Exploring challenges of asperger`s syndrome in a romantic relationshipCutajar, Martine
2017Exploring how employee interpersonal relations affect individual creativitySchembri, Ruth
2011Exploring the social responsiveness of children who have autism or are socially withdrawnAttard, Cristina
2018A framework for modelling spatial transport vulnerabilities for the older population in MaltaMifsud, Deborah
2012The growing web of influence of social networking sites on interpersonal relationshipsSant, Petra
2014The growing web of influence of social networking sites on interpersonal relationshipsSant, Petra; Catania, Gottfried
2003A historical analysis of policies and legal measures regarding racism and religious intolerance (with emphasis to xenophobia) in the European UnionJahaj, Suela (2003)
2015How useful/effective have you found PSD skills in building relationships?Falzon, Daniela