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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Antiendomysial antibodies in coeliac enteropathy and other autoimmune diseases.Galea, Kristine
2012Case-control studies of sporadic enteric infections : a review and discussion of studies conducted internationally from 1990 to 2009Fullerton, Kathleen E.; Scallan, Elaine; Kirk, Martyn D.; Mahon, Barbara E.; Angulo, Frederick J.; de Valk, Henriette; van Pelt, Wilfrid; Gauci, Charmaine; Hauri, Anja M.; Majowicz, Shannon; O’Brien, Sarah J.; International Collaboration Working Group
1970Contrast radiology of the small bowelGrech, Paul
2012-10Dissemination of protocols for the management of gastro-intestinal disordersCarbonaro, Marija Carmen; Azzopardi, Lilian M.; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony
2010Dry bowel movementBlundell, Renald
2016Gastrointestinal bacteria in obesity and type 2 diabetes : a review of current knowledgePace, Nikolai Paul
2006Infectious intestinal disease : do we know it all?Gauci, Charmaine; Gilles, Herbert M.; O’Brien, Sarah J.; Mamo, Julian
2007The magnitude and distribution of infectious intestinal disease in Malta : a population-based studyGauci, Charmaine; Gilles, Herbert; O’Brien, Sarah J.; Mamo, Julian; Stabile, Isabel; Ruggeri, Franco Maria; Gatt, Anthony B.; Calleja, Neville; Spiteri, Gianfranco
2008Probiotics : which, when and why?Vella, Valerie
2011Proton pump inhibitors in the management of tachypnoea following panproctocolectomy : a case of high output ileostomyAzzopardi, Neville; Ellul, Pierre
2021Rectal bacteriome and virome signatures and clinical outcomes in community-acquired pneumonia : an exploratory studyKullberg, Robert F. J.; Hugenholtz, Floor; Brands, Xanthe; Kinsella, Cormac M.; Peters-Sengers, Hessel; Butler, Joe M.; Deijs, Martin; Klein, Michelle; Faber, Daniël R.; Scicluna, Brendon P.; Poll, Tom van der; Hoek, Lia Van der; Joost Wiersinga, W.; Haak, Bastiaan W.
2006Surveillance of infectious intestinal disease in MaltaGauci, Charmaine
2011Treatment protocols in primary care: gastro--intestinal disordersCarbonaro, Marija Carmen