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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The alternative investment fund managers' directive : an evaluation of its impact on the hedge fund industry's practicesTanti, Claire
2013An alternative optimization method to the exhaustive search for systematic trading strategiesMallia, Stefan J.
2006An analysis of stock index distributions of selected emerging marketsCamilleri, Silvio John
2016An analytical approach to comparing actual vs. fundamental “price-to-sales” and “enterprise value-to-sales” ratios on the European stock marketNenkov Nenkov, Dimiter
2017Are machines going to replace humans in technical analysis?Bonanno, Jeffrey
2015The commoditisation of financial products : a comparative analysis of passive funds with relation to active fundsBonello, Charlene
2017Conceptual basics and mechanism of innovation project managementBibarsov, Kamil Ramisovich; Khokholova, Galina Ivanovna; Okladnikova, Dilara Ramisovna
2017Consequences of going concern opinion for firms and capital market with accounting firm size as moderation variableHapsoro, Dody
2014Emotional assets as an alternative investment for portfolio optimisationGalea, Kevin
2015Fulfilment of investment objectives : a comparative analysis of portfolio construction by individual investors and professional asset managersMeilak, Rachel
2017The inclusion of frontier markets in a portfolio : an evaluationBalzan, Jean Bernard
2018Institutional bureaucracy and real sector movementRatnasih, Cicih
2017Payout and firm’s cateringDuante Neves, Maria Elisabete
2018Risk management : comprehensive analysis of key approaches on academic literature and professional certificationsMilenkova, D. A.
2002Securitisation through property leasing in Maltese public limited companies and its financial implicationsSpiteri Bailey, Michael (2002)
2017Socially responsible and sustainable investing : a review and appraisalCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2011Sociological aspects of post-fordist industrial organisation in MaltaBorg, Mariette
2008A study on the feasibility of setting up a child day care centreBorg, Rebecca (2008)