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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Are current dietary habits in Mediterranean islands a reflection of the past? Results from the MEDIS studyTourlouki, Eleni; Matalas, Antonia-Leda; Bountziouka, Vassiliki; Tyrovolas, Stefanos; Zeimbekis, Akis; Gotsis, Efthimios; Tsiligianni, Ioanna; Protopapas, Constantinos; Metallinos, George; Lionis, Christos; Piscopo, Suzanne; Polychronopoulos, Evangelos; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes
2018Assessing the ecotourism potential of central Mediterranean islands with a case study on marine ecotourismAgius, Karl (2018)
2012A comparative study of afforestation strategies in Mediterranean islandsAttard, David
2014Factors associated with components of arterial pressure among older individuals (the multinational MEDIS study) : the role of the Mediterranean diet and alcohol consumptionTyrovolas, Stefanos; Haro, Josep Maria; Polychronopoulos, Evangelos; Mariolis, Anargiros; Piscopo, Suzanne; Valacchi, Giuseppe; Makri, Kornilia; Zeimbekis, Akis; Tyrovola, Dimitra; Bountziouka, Vassiliki; Gotsis, Efthimios; Metallinos, George; Katsoulis, Yannis; Tur, Josep-Antoni; Matalas, Antonia-Leda; Lionis, Christos; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes
1933-12Il-Madonna ta' TrapniGatt, Ġużè
2017The impact of the financial crisis on lifestyle health determinants among older adults living in the Mediterranean region : the multinational MEDIS study (2005-2015)Foscolou, Alexandra; Tyrovolas, Stefanos; Soulis, George; Mariolis, Anargiros; Piscopo, Suzanne; Valacchi, Giuseppe; Anastasiou, Foteini; Lionis, Christos; Zeimbekis, Akis; Tur, Josep-Antoni; Bountziouka, Vassiliki; Tyrovola, Dimitra; Gotsis, Efthimios; Metallinos, George; Matalas, Antonia-Leda; Polychronopoulos, Evangelos; Sidossis, Labros; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B.
1935-03LampedusaGatt, Ġużè
1932-09LampedusaGatt, Ġużè
1932-12LampedusaGatt, Ġużè
1933-09LampedusaGatt, Ġużè
2008Organotins in marine mussels from three Mediterranean islandsGrech, Marco
2016The potential of coastal ecotourism in Central Mediterranean islands : a case study from the Aegadian ArchipelagoAgius, Karl; Theuma, Nadia; Deidun, Alan
2012Regional branding of the central Mediterranean islands : benefit to the Maltese islands?Zelbst, Sarah Louise
1934-03Serq mill-knisja ta' LampedusaGatt, Ġużè
2008So far and yet so near : Ionian and Maltese migrant networks of support in the southern and eastern countries of the Mediterranean, 1800-1870Chircop, John
1996Tourism as the main change factor in the Mediterranean Islands the case of the Balearic Islands and their futureSastre Alberti, Antoni
2012Tourism impact on water consumption in Mediterranean islands with special reference to MaltaMangion, Eman (2012)
1932-12X'igħidu l-Għarab fuq MaltaC., L.