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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An analysis on the impact of hope and organizational support on job performancePalmier, Michael (2008)
2015Creativity, well-being and leadership : evaluating inter-relationships in the workplaceAgius, Marlene (2015)
2007The effect of occupational stress on daignostic imaging radiographers in rendering quality serviceCordina, Anthony
2015The effects of work stress on the health and wellbeing of the individualCamilleri, Andrew
2020Experiences and responses of oral health care professionals during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in MaltaAgius, Anne-Marie; Sammut, Edward J.; Zahra, Ethel Vento; Gatt, Gabriella; Vassallo, Paula J.; Cortes, Arthur R. G.; Attard, Nikolai J.
2006Factors of stress amongst nurses working in a medical wardFarrugia, Manuel
2015Factors that effect to burnout levels of the accounting professionals : an area research in the city of GaziantepOzkan, Fatih; Aksoy, Cenk
2009Factors that influence work-life balance amongst nurses working in primary health care.Degiorgio, Mary Anne
2012The impact of occupational stress on employees job performance : a study on an industrial catering in-flight organizationMifsud, Rebecca
2015The mediating role of perceived stress between safety climates and health outcomes and the moderating function of engagementMicallef, Lenny
2010Meeting the challenges of stress and burnout in the intensive care and the emergency departmentsGauci, Dorianne
2007Moderating stressor-tostrain relationships across team structure : a multigroup structural equation modelling and moderated regression analysisButtigieg, Sandra C.
2018A multidimensional view on pre-service teacher resilience in Germany, Ireland, Malta and PortugalPeixoto, Francisco; Wosnitza, Marold; Pipa, Joana; Morgan, Mark; Cefai, Carmel
2011The new academic disease : a study on stress among secondary school teachersCassar, Stephanie (2011); Formosa, Ann Marie
1995Occupational stress : implications for Vincentian teachers and managers, education planning and managementEllis, Kenmore A (1995)
2012Occupational stressors in the teaching profession : coping with the teacher and mother dual rolesBaldacchino, Andrew (2012)
2014Online social support perceived by Facebook users and its effects on stress copingChung, Tsai-Yuan; Yang, Cheng-Ying; Chen, Ming-Chun
2020The personal and professional consequences of physician burnout : a systematic review of the literatureWilliams, Eric S.; Rathert, Cheryl; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2010The personality factor in stress : determining the relationship between personality type and occupational stressFenech, Carmen (2010)
2013Presentation : achieving optimal performance in hospital practice : the relationship to leadership, teamwork and stressButtigieg, Sandra C.