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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001ACE gene polymorphism as a prognostic indicator in patients with type 2 diabetes and established renal diseaseFava, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joseph; Ellard, Sian; Hattersley, Andrew T.
2004Anxiety and depression in patients with end stage renal disease while awaiting renal transplantationMicallef, Michelle
2015A case of a large, painless retroperitoneal mass causing hydronephrosis and biliary obstructionAttard, Joseph; Azzopardi, Christine; Cortis, Kelvin; Abela, Jo Etienne
1975Chest-piece : volume 3 : issue 7Agius, Mark
2012Compliance to treatment of clients' on automated peritoneal dialysis.Xuereb, Pamela
2007Contrast media induced nephropathy.Azzopardi, Gabrielle
1975Drug therapy in the patient with renal impairmentBugeja, Tonio J.
2014Effectiveness of intradialytic exercise in improving physical functioning in patients with CKDBorg, Giovanna
1986Id-Dijabete u Saħħtek: no. 13 : Settembru 1986Zammit, Tancred J.; Għaqda Maltija kontra d-Dijabete
2020Illness perceptions predict mortality in patients with predialysis chronic kidney disease : a prospective observational studyMuscat, Priscilla; Weinman, John; Farrugia, Emanuel; Camilleri, Liberato; Chilcot, Joseph
2018Intravenous and subcutaneous Epoetin administration in the maintenance of optimal haemoglobin levels in end-stage renal failure patients on haemodialysisSpiteri, Melanie Ann
2003Nutritional knowledge of patients with end stage renal disease on haemodialysiBriffa, Anna Kristina
2010Peritoneal dialysis catheter exit site management : knowledge, attitudes and reported practice of renal unit nursesMuscat, Charmaine; Privitelli, Ramona
2012Quality of life in end stage renal disease : a comparison of peritonal dialysis and haemodialysisCalleja, Nicky
2008Quality of life in renal transplant recipientsMifsud, Josephine
2018Retrograde intrarenal surgery versus percutaneous nephrolithotomy for the surgical removal of kidney stonesCaruana, Rebecca
2016Rope-ladder and buttonhole needling techniques and associated arterio-venous fistula access site infectionsSpiteri, Kimberley
2015Screening for non-significant stenosis in native arteriovenous fistula within the Maltese populationGauci, Christopher
2015An unexpected cause for right loin painCallus, Roberta; Micallef, Josef;