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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Active document enrichment using adaptive information extraction from textCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Petrelli, Daniela
2002Adaptive information extraction for document annotation in amilcareCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2002Amilcare : adaptive information extraction for document annotationCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2011Analysis of the interface systems as mediating agents in university/industry relations : proposal of the “relationship promoter” as a strategic role in the R&D transferencePerez-Astray, Braulio; Babio, Nuria Calvo
2021Behavioural intentions for health by the Z Generation : a fuzzy cognitive maps analysisCzerwińska, Magdalena; Czerwiński, Dariusz
2016Benefits and challenges of going abroad for research or clinical trainingRiva, Nicoletta; Lauw, Mandy N.
2013A case study on graphically modelling and detecting knowledge mobility risksMicallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2009Conceptual marks concerning the strategies based on knowledge and the contemporary periodTodorut, Amalia Venera
2022Constructing and analysing knowledge maps via source code repository analysisPiscopo, Jack (2022)
2009Control strategies to ground an expert systemPirnau, Mironela; Lapadatu, Gheorghe
2021The criterion of human resources in the assessment of the degree of the engagement of knowledge in the activities of enterprisesMojsiewicz, Magdalena C.
2011Detecting and managing knowledge risk in software development processesMicallef, Mark (2011)
2019Economization of information and scientific data : a common approachBelikova, K. M.; Badaeva, N. V.; Akhmadova, M. A.
2014The effect of workplace hierarchy on the acceptance and implementation of employee ideas : quantitative studyBorg, Claire-Suzanne
2016Environmental factors, motivational factors, and individual personality in the relationship model framework of knowledge sharing behaviorProbosari, Ninik; Siswanti, Yuni; Kuswanti, Herlina Dyah
2011An event-driven cartographic approach to modelling software engineering knowledgeCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2020Evidence based sources as precursors of knowledge driven decisions through emerging technologiesGauci, Mario
2012The implication of knowledge management practices for organisational performanceButtigieg, Marouska
2019The influence of KIBS-client interactions on absorptive capacity-building for environmental innovationPace, Lisa A.; Miles, Ian
2020The influence of knowledge sharing, affective commitment, and meaningful work on employee's performanceYuniawan, Ahyar; Udin, Udin