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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Activating job-seekers through start-up incentivesDebono, Manwel
2005Ageing of the labour force within OECD countries : what are the implications for labour productivity and growth?Lauri, Romina (2005)
2001-11-18Budget 2002 : what does Malta need?Azzopardi, Peppi; Mifsud, Alfred; Mifsud, Joe; Briguglio, Marie
2017Did Malta's accession to the EU raise its potential growth? : a focus on the foreign workforceGrech, Aaron George
2015Disaggregating Okun’s Law : a case-study for MaltaBaldacchino, David
2015Economically inactive mothers and the use of free child care services in MaltaVella, Stella
2014-03EEPO Review : stimulating job demand - the design of effective hiring subsidies in Europe - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2019The effect of a flat income tax system on labour supply and income distribution in MaltaVella, Stephanie
2014The effect of minimum wage on employment in MaltaVella, Melchior; Briguglio, Lino
2005The effects of changes in the tax structure on employment : analysis and projectionsEllul, Nicholas (2005)
1987Effects of population changes on Maltese labour market 1967-1985Magro Conti, Mario (1987)
2014Encouraging female entrepreneurshipAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2018Estimating the impact of structural reforms to increase the female participation rate in MaltaMicallef, Brian
2015Estimating the impact on potential output of structural reforms to increase the female participation rateMicallef, Brian
2023Exploring industry 4.0 technologies & skills in Maltese manufacturingBuhagiar, Stefania (2023)
1989Factors affecting labour demand in a small open economy - the case of MaltaBriguglio, Lino
2006Factors affecting the size of female labour force in MaltaCaruana, Kevin
1986Factors affecting the size of Maltese labour forceInguanez, Carmel; Briguglio, Lino
2003Factors affecting women’s formal participation in the Malta labour market : results of a research projectBaldacchino, Godfrey
1985Factors effecting unemployment in Malta in the seventies and early eightiesAquilina, Patrick (1985)