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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adaptive learning and assessment : from the teachers' perspectivePfeiffer, Alexander; Bezzina, Stephen; Dingli, Alexiei; Wernbacher, Thomas; Denk, Natalie; Fleischhacker, Michael
1995Antonio Gramsci and adult educationMayo, Peter
2008aPPLE : a plagiarism personalised learning environmentCamilleri, Vanessa (2008)
2021Applying the PECSL : using case studies to demonstrate the pedagogy of experience complexity for smart learningLister, Pen
2022Assessment and ESD – which way forward?Bonello, Charles; Musumeci, Martin
2015-04Assessment for learning and for self-regulationLysaght, Zita
2020Assisting learners with the Business Studies courseworkMizzi, Emanuel
2008[Book Review] Learning and social difference : challenges for public education and critical pedagogyBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2015Bridging the gap between digital libraries and e-learningDobreva, Milena; Angelova, Galia; Agre, Gennady
2008Clinical learning environment as perceived by students and qualified staff.Mifsud, Mary Grace
2011Cognitive neuroscience of cocaine drug use.Spiteri, Roderick
2009Competences and the right to learningMayo, Peter
2012'Competencias' para una formación crítica : la perspectiva de un pedagogoMayo, Peter
2008Competenze e diritto all'apprendimento : una concezione alternativa e criticaMayo, Peter
2022-06-26A cost-benefit analysis on remote learning: A systematic review and implications for the futureCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
1998"...the creation of a world in which it will be easier to love."Allman, Paula; Mayo, Peter; Cavanagh, Chris; Heng, Chan Lean; Haddad, Sergio
2013The creation of learning networks in two Spanish public high schoolsVidal, Cinta Espuny; Cervera, Merce Gisbert; Gonzalez, Juan; Molias, Luis Marques
2004El aprendizaje a lo largo de la vidaMayo, Peter
2012El aprendizaje permanente y las escuelas como centros de aprendizaje comunitario : puntos clave del proyecto de marco curricular nacional de MaltaMayo, Peter
2016Espiritualidad y educación de adultosEnglish, Leona M.; Mayo, Peter