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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121337_Skillz : do digital games promote 21st century skills?Duca, Madeline
2021Assessment and effectiveness of e-learning and students’ satisfaction with online classes : the example of Polish universitiesKocot, Maria; Maciaszczyk, Magdalena; Kwasek, Artur; Kocot, Damian; Depta, Adam
2008Astronomide yaygin öğrenim arayişlari ve meyvesi beyaz cüceAziz Kayihan, H.; Demirci, Emir; Demirhan, Utku; Sevdalinova, Simeona; Güzel, Eda; Yolkolu, Arzu Ş.; Köklü, Neşe; Hande Tamer, M.; Şatir, Onur; Gökçeoğlu, Orkun; Özgür Altun, R.; Yildiz, Serkan; Çoban, Burcu C.; Özeren, Ferhat F.
2017‘Being friends means helping each other, making coffee for each other’ : reciprocity in the friendships of people with intellectual disabilityCallus, Anne-Marie
2016Challenging understandings of adult learning with southern theory : recognizing everyday learning through a critical engagement with northern theoriesThomas, Eryn
2014Child-centred education in the Maltese primary classrooms through the Let Me Learn ProcessDe Battista, Martin; Portelli, Marilyn
2001Cognitive style and academic performance of Advanced Biology studentsBonanno, Philip (2001)
2019Concluding remarks and future prospectsFormosa, Marvin
2018Critical attitude and conceptual development in physics : what connections?Viennot, Laurence
2010The development of primary school children's mathematical thinking through the use of Cuisenaire rodsChetcuti, Stephanie Victoria
2022Factors influencing transfer of learning in the ICT sector. A conceptual frameworkMangion, Margaret
2016Foreword [I don't like studying]Xerri, Daniel
2021The French and British models of the University of the Third Age : a socio-historical analysisFormosa, Marvin
1998Greek-Cypriot pupils' understanding of narrative historical conceptsSkouros, Tryfon
2022-06-15Immersive learning as a pedagogical method in higher educationMangion, Margaret; Curmi, Franco
2010Indagine sulle motivazioni e sulle aspettative delle studentesse che studiano l'italiano nella terza mediaAttard, Cynthia (2010); Zerafa, Lenise
2014Introduction : older adult education and intergenerational learningSchmidt-Hertha, Bernhard; Jelenc Krašovec, Sabina; Formosa, Marvin
2011Is ADHD a hypo-attentional or hyper-attentional disorder?Zammit, Nowell
2014Is Malta ready to give the necessary help and support to children with intellectual disabilities, acknowledging their rights to education?Spiteri, Francesca
2017It-taghlim tal-grammatika fil-kuntest tal-kitbaMagro, Janica