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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
n.d.Appunti di sir Adriano Dingli [manuscript]Dingli, Adrian
2020-04-12Carmelo Agius (14.2.1896-14.4.1984)Mangion, Ray
1991Change brought about through educational legislationCurmi, Denise (1991)
2006The effects of Brussels II Bis on Maltese legislationSultana, Josette
2006EU acquis concerning women's rights in the employment sector : to what extent is Maltese legislation compatible?Ebejer, Latimer (2006)
2012“A happy union”? Malta’s legal hybridityDonlan, Seán Patrick; Andò, Biagio; Zammit, David E.
2007Industrial relations developments 2006 - MaltaGrech, Louis; Debono, Manwel
1995L-ombudsman : proposti legislattiviMalta. Office of the Ombudsman
2016'Lease, Locazioni and Kera' : merging legal concepts in postcolonial MaltaZammit, David E.; Xerri, Kurt
1975Legal problems arising from the registration of trade unions.Abela, George
2008Legislation affecting the Maltese constitutional orderAbela, Reuben (2008)
2017Legislative drafting and statutory interpretation in the Maltese mixed legal systemAquilina, Kevin
1994Malta : government publishes white paper on fair trading, incorporating proposed legislation on consumer affairs and competitionFabri, David
2008Malta : industrial relations developments in Europe 2007Debono, Manwel; Rizzo, Saviour
1989The Maltese Parliament and the United States Congress : a comparative studyBonnici, Leo (1989)
1988The moment of conclusion of a contract : contracts by correspondenceCamilleri, George (1988)
2011The nature and purpose of delegated legislationMicallef, Maria (2011)
2014The notion of nullity and annulability of a notarial act as introduced by Act XXIV of 2011 under Chapter 55 of the Laws of MaltaTufigno, Cristina
2002Reducing compliance costs : the role of regulatory impact assessmentsPortelli, Andrew (2002)
2018The suprema lex of Malta : a forgotten law in legislative drafting, statutory interpretation and law making?Aquilina, Kevin