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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Adolescents' activities on Saturday : a sociological study of 14/15-year olds from 4 schools in MaltaZarb, Stephanie (2003)
2016Chapter 13 : Consumption and leisureVisanich, Valerie
2016Cultural participation in Malta : the who, the how and the whyBriguglio, Marie
2022Digital pacifiers and the threat to the development of secure attachmentsBugeja Jensen, Clara (2022)
1990Domestic tourism and leisure in MaltaLockhart, Douglas G.; Ashton, Susan E.
2019Expectations vs reality : leisure tourism within the context of the Maltese islandsCauchi, Rebekah
1994Il-hajja fl-imghoddiGhio, Mary
2005Independent living for young people with disabilities : the importance of leisure and peer relationshipsCasha, Sonja (2005)
1988The influence of physical education on leisure and physical recreation in the post-school yearsAquilina, Miriam
2014Investigating the Labour-Play dichotomy : a questionnaire-based study on University of Malta students’ leisure patternsGalea, Fabian
2005Leisure & young married womenBorg, Stephanie (2005)
2017Leisure among older widowed Maltese womenBondin, Diana
1973Leisure and environment : the implications for MaltaParkes, Michael (1973)
1995Leisure and young people in MaltaPiscopo, Sylvana (1995)
1991The leisure patterns of teenage girlsCauchi, Elizabeth (1991)
2013Leisure trends among young people in MaltaClark, Marilyn; Cassar, Joanne
1987Leisure trends and personality factors in Maltese sixth formersSpiteri, David (1987)
1991Leisure values in primary classrooms : a sociological analysisCurmi, Mary
2003Maltese law and the scuba diving community : a comparative study of developments and a proposed lawDodebier, Daphne J.
2004The Maltese tourist : a sociological inquiryBonnici, Gillian (2004)