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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The alteration of globigerina limestone with special reference to the effects of atmospheric sulphur compounds and of salt crystallisationAzzopardi, Mark (1992)
2014Ammonium oxalate treatment application in the presence of soluble salts: laboratory results on soft limestoneDreyfuss, Tabitha; Cassar, JoAnn; Toniolo, Lucia; Boriani, Maurizio; Guidi, Gabriele
2021Architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Coralline Limestone formation, Malta - implications for Eastern Mediterranean restriction prior to the Messinian Salinity CrisisBialik, Or M.; Zammit, Ray; Micallef, Aaron
2008Artificial Reefs Project : final report of scientific studies (2004–2006)Borg, Joseph A.; Magro, Mildred; Schembri, Patrick J.; Vella, Patrick J.
2009Assessment of an open jointed limestone veneer cladding system for use in the local construction industryEllul Sciberras, Robert J. (2009)
1991An assessment of globigerina limestone resourcesSammut, Anthony (1991)
2009Binding waste materialsCatania, Franceska (2009)
2017Bio-retexturing in limestone used in the built heritage of MaltaBianco, Lino
2011Challenges in conservation of architectural heritageBorg, Ruben Paul
2008Controlling crystallization damage by the use of salt inhibitors on Malta’s limestoneCassar, J.; Marrocchi, A.; Santarelli, M. L.; Muscat, M.
2005Degrado e problematiche conservative di un dipinto ad olio su pietra a MaltaDe Angelis, Roberta; Cassar, JoAnn; Kakoulli, Ioanna
2011Development of an environmental profile for globigerina limestone blocks and locally-manufactured hollow concrete blocks through the use of life cycle analysisBartolo, Gilbert (2011)
2007Discussion of ‘Methodology to identify badly weathering limestone using geochemistry : case study on theLower Globigerina Limestone of the Maltese Islands’ byJ. Cassar & A.J. Vella Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 36, 85–96Gatt, P. A.; Cassar, J.; Vella, Alfred J.
2012The effect of limestone powders on the fresh and hardened properties of self-compacting pastes, mortars and concreteGrima, Clive (2012)
2019The effect of water/cement ratio and vibro-compaction on the compressive strength of reconstituted limestoneEbejer, Francesca (2019)
1997An evaluation of locally available cleaning methods on a globigerina limestone surfaceMuscat, Chanelle (1997)
2016Evaluation of the shelters over the prehistoric Megalithic Temples of Malta: environmental considerationsBecherini, Francesca; Cassar, JoAnn; Galea, Mario; Bernardi, Adriana
2005Fine dust emissions from softstone quarrying in MaltaVella, Alfred J.; Camilleri, Renato
2013The fire performance of limestone : characterisation strategy for the fire performance of Maltese & Hungarian limestoneBorg, Ruben Paul; Hajpál, Mónika; Török, Ákos
1997Geochemistry of the soll facies of the Lower Globigerina Limestone formation, MaltaVella, Alfred J.; Testa, Simon; Zammit, Christopher