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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of solar photovoltaic system operating under partial shading conditionsBorg, Glen
2015Analysis of transmission/reflection methods for complex permittivity determination using waveguidesBorg Cappello, Stephanie Anne (2015)
2021Building integrated photovoltaics : a case studyGalea, Gianluca (2021)
2020A comparative study of three LPWAN technologies LoRa, Sigfox, and NB-IoT in a rural environmentVella, Carl
2007A contactless position sensing system using Doppler radarRizzo, Yanika (2007)
2016Control electronics design for XY plotterSchembri, Andrew
2017A cooling fan speed controller for energy efficient temperature control of a race car engineMangion, Jeanluc
2017Design of a communications link for an ROVCauchi, Rachel
2018Fast block-matching motion estimation search on FPGAMuscat, Nicholas
2014FPGA implementation of computer vision techniques for taxiway centreline detectionTheuma, Kevin (2014)
2010Global optimization applied to churn modelsTalbot, Kim (2010)
2011Hidden Markov model toolkit for speech recognition using MATLABCarter, Jonathan (2011)
2013Implementation of an on-road vehicle detection systemSammut, Josef (2013)
2014Interference mitigation using coordinated beamforming techniques in 4G multi-cell multi-user MIMOCasha, Karl (2014)
2013Iris recognition for person identificationPlaehn, Lukas (2013)
2010Microprocessor operation simulationCefai, Isaac (2010)
2018Motion analysis with high speed videoCamilleri, Lydin
2018MPPT control of a DC/DC converter for a HAWTXuereb, Justin
2017Pricing of convertible bonds using discrete and continuous time modelsFava, Daniel (2017)
2016-04Sensorless position control of a PMSM for steer-by-wire applicationsScicluna, Kris; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Raute, Reiko