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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Advanced operational models of the apple X undulatorLiang, X.; Calvi, Marco; Kittel, Christoph; Schmidt, Thomas J.; Sammut, Nicholas
2004Axis measurements, field quality and quench performance of the first LHC short straight sectionsSanfilippo, Stephane; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Schnizer, Pierre; Sammut, Nicholas; Pugnat, Pierre; Bottura, Luca; Siemko, Andrzej; Calvi, Marco; Chohan, Vinod; Stafiniak, Andrzej; Walckiers, Louis; Hagen, Per; Todesco, Ezio; Tortschanoff, Theodor; Simon, Fabrice; Durante, Maria J.
2018Beam commissioning and optimisation of the Swiss free electron laser in-vacuum undulatorsCassar, Ariana (2018)
2012Chromaticity decay due to superconducting dipoles on the injection plateau of the Large Hadron ColliderLamont, Mike; Strzeclzyk, Marek; Todesco, Ezio; Sammut, Nicholas; Aquilina, N.
2015Colossal magnetocaloric effect in magneto-auxetic systemsDudek, Miroslaw; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof W.; Grima, Joseph N.; Caruana-Gauci, Roberto; Dudek, Krzysztof
2019Control of a 3-axis Helmholtz ChamberCamilleri, Matthew (2019)
2008A demonstration experiment for the forecast of magnetic field and field errors in the Large Hadron ColliderSammut, Nicholas; Alemany Fernandez, Reyes; Bottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Lamont, Mike; Miles, J.; Sanfilippo, Stephane; Strzelczyk, Marek; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter; Xydi, Panagiota
2008A demonstration experiment for the main field tracking and the sextupole and decapole compensation in the LHC main magnetsXydi, Panagiota; Sammut, Nicholas; Alemany Fernandez, Reyes; Bottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Lamont, Mike; Miles, J.; Mompo, R.; Strzeclzyk, Marek; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter
2008Dependence of the static and dynamic field quality of the LHC superconducting dipole magnets on the pre-cycle ramp rateSammut, Nicholas; Bottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter; Wolf, Ronald M.
2016Design considerations and optimization for 3-axis anisotropic magneto-resistive sensorsPortelli, Barnaby; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2020The development and optimisation of the B-train system for the ELENA ringGrech, Christian
2019Development of a magnetic measurement bench for insertion devices of a free electron laserDalli, Mark
2019-06Development of a new magnetic measurement bench for in-vacuum undulatorsDalli, Mark; Calvi, M.; Sammut, Andrew; Sammut, Nicholas; Schmidt, T.
2005Electrical and magnetic performance of the LHC short straight sectionsSanfilippo, Stephane; Beauquis, J.; Bottura, Luca; Buzio, Marco; Coccoli, Mirco; Garcia Perez, Juan; Pugnat, Pierre; Sammut, Nicholas; Siemko, Andrzej; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Stafiniak, Andrzej; Wildner, Elena
2006Entanglement localization by a single defect in a spin chainApollaro, Tony John George; Plastina, Francesco
2008Entanglement modulation in a spin chain by a local impurityApollaro, Tony John George; Cuccoli, Alessandro; Fubini, Andrea; Plastina, Francesco; Verrucchi, Paola
2012Expected and measured behaviour of the tune in the LHC operation at 3.5 TeVAquilina, N.; Lamont, Mike; Steinhagen, Ralph; Todesco, Ezio; Wenninger, Jorg; Sammut, Nicholas
2017Experimental analysis of radiographer exposure to the static field from a 1.5-T magnetic resonance imaging machineBonello, Julian; Sammut, Charles V.
2017-03Extreme stars : unlock gravitational secretsSaid, Jackson; Pace, Mark; Nachmias, Filippos
2014The FiDel model at 7 TeVAquilina, N.; Giovannozzi, Massimo; Hagen, Per; Lamont, Mike; Langner, Andy; Todesco, Ezio; Tomas, Rogelio; Wenninger, Jorg; Sammut, Nicholas