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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000The anthropomorphology of classical skulls from MaltaSavona-Ventura, Charles; Mifsud, Anton; Camilleri, V.
1997Can we go to Ta' Kaccatura?Grima, Reuben
2015Characterising and classifying archaeological plasters and mortars from MaltaDeguara, Raissa
2000Field notes : floor tomb at il-Wied ta' KandjaBugeja, Anton
1963History from the seaTrump, David H.
2010Il-Villa Rumana ta' KaċċaturaBonnici, Amanda
1997The imperial portraits from Malta : their contextual significanceBonanno, Anthony
2000-07Ir-RumaniBezzina, Ġużeppi, M.
2012It-Torri ta’ ĠawharColeiro, Mario
2013The known unknown : identification, provenancing, and relocation of pieces of decorative architecture from Roman public buildings and other private structures in MaltaCardona, David
2004L-arkeoloġija ta' MaltaVella, Ernest; Borg, Marlene; Bonanno, Anthony; Briffa, Charles; Schiavone, Michael J.
2008L’arcipelago maltese sotto il dominio romanoCassia, Margherita
1991Malta : an archaeological paradiseBonanno, Anthony; Bartolo, Joseph; Mintoff, Mario
2004Malta during Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine times : outside influence and original traitsBonanno, Anthony
2023Maritime connectivity and mobility of the Maltese Islands during the Roman period : a study on loose finds in Maltese watersKemp, Rebecca Elizabeth (2023)
1997The Mdina catillusde Bono, Antony
2013The original discovery of the Roman shipwreck at Xlendi, GozoWood, John
2018Roman villas in the Maltese ArchipelagoBonanno, Anthony
2002Ruins in a landscape : a consideration of past and present perceptions of archaeological sites in MaltaBorg, Allison (2002)
2020A study of fingerprint impressions and the manufacturing process used for the production of Punic-Roman pottery excavated from Tas-Silġ, MaltaDamato, Henrik Curt