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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The 1996 Maltese election : swing of the pendulumFenech, Dominic
1999The 1998 Maltese electionFenech, Dominic
1996An alternative approach to Maltese international politics (1990 -1995)Cassola, Arnold
2008An analysis of the Mediterranean dimension of Malta's foreign policyCassar, Lavinia (2008)
2022Diplomats in cyberspace : a study on the role of, and challenges faced by the foreign policy community in the fifth operational domainFarrugia, Rowena (2022)
1978Dom Mintoff : Prime Minister and Minister for Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs of Malta, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of EuropeMintoff, Dom
2010An economic diplomacy strategy for MaltaBugeja DeSain, Claire (2010)
2021The Europeanisation of Maltese foreign policy and the issue of irregular migrationPortelli, Eman (2021)
2009Foreign influence on the decline of the Order of St John : 1530-1798Cefai, Jennifer (2009)
2016The impact of EU foreign policy on small member states : analysing the case of Malta and CyprusCamilleri, Alison
2010The impact of EU membership on small state foreign policy : the case of MaltaGrima, Charlene (2010)
2009The impact of public opinion on foreign policy : a case-study of Malta's accession to the European UnionPullicino, Lourdes (2009)
2010Italo-Maltese diplomatic relations regarding illegal immigration from LibyaAbela, Francesca (2010)
1967Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 3 : issue 3Aquilina, J.; Farley Hills, David L.
1969Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 4 : issue 1Aquilina, J.
2007Malta [European Journal of Political Research 46]Fenech, Dominic
2008Malta [European Journal of Political Research 47]Fenech, Dominic
2011Malta [European Journal of Political Research 50]Fenech, Dominic
2012Malta [European Journal of Political Research 51]Fenech, Dominic
2013Malta [European Journal of Political Research 52]Fenech, Dominic