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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-01; 2019-09-08; 2019-09-1580th anniversary of the outbreak of World War IIDebono, Charles
1990Bilingualism : the Malta experienceBriffa, Charles
1964British policy towards the religion, ancient laws and customs in Malta 1824-1851- Part IILee, Hilda I.
1964The English language in MaltaAquilina, J.
1977Girolamo Manduca and Gian Francesco Abela: tradition and invention in Maltese historiographyLuttrell, Anthony T.
1978A history of Maltese literature : its nature and extensionFriggieri, Oliver
2013Italian in Malta : a socio-educational perspectiveCaruana, Sandro
2019-12Learners’ attitudes and ideologies towards English : implications for the teaching and learning of English in MaltaVella, Lara Ann
1977Malta special characteristicsVella, Andrew
1994Malta-Italija : jezikoslovni, knjizevni i kulturni odnosi od 15. stoljeca do danasCassola, Arnold
1981Malte : a history of maltese literature, its nature and extensionFriggieri, Oliver
2019Our second languageWelsh, A. N.
1996Studies on the teaching of German as a foreign language in Maltese schools : a surveyConrad, Herbert
2000The study of languagesBriffa, Charles
1949Taht ghajnejn iz-zmienAquilina, Guze
1996The teaching of Spanish in Maltese secondary schools : an overview of the current state and needsMartinez Fernandez, Juan Manuel
2006Trilingualism in Malta : Maltese, English and ‘Italiano Televisivo’Caruana, Sandro
1993Varieties of English and MalteseBriffa, Charles
2004Vassalli u l-versi minquxin fl-Ark tas-SantwarjuVella, Olvin