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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An analysis of the implementation of the occupational health and safety measures in the Maltese Police ForceMicallef, Jesmond (2014)
2020Anthony Spiteri: (Ninu Nuzzi) 1930-2020Sant, Raymond
2008Back injuries amongst police officersMangion, Sandro (2008)
2019Blue Lives 2019Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2020-06Blue Lives 2020Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2021Blue Lives 2021Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2022-07Blue Lives 2022Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2023Blue Lives 2023Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2011Child abuse on the internet : is the Malta Police Force well equipped to combat it?Azzopardi, Andrew (2011)
2011Cybercrime : the role of the Maltese law enforcement towards internet fraudLivori, Donnalise (2011)
2000Domestic violence : a brief study on the causes and prevention of women batteringMalta Police Force
2001Domestic violence against women in Malta : the problems encountered by victims in relation to police attitudes and sensitisationMallia, Stephen (2001)
2008The effect of occupational stress amongst Malta police officersSammut, Roderick (2008)
2023The evolution of science and digital technology in relation to crime scene investigationsBezzina, Simon (2023)
2022Extralegal determinants of police discretion within the Malta police forceVella, Jarrod (2022)
2021-08-08First aid during Second World War· MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021Gender equality within the Malta police force : is this being enjoyed by all genders?Camilleri, Isabella (2021)
2023How can the Malta Police Force and the Armed Forces of Malta improve collaboration to better counterterrorism in Malta?Buhagiar, Nigel (2023)
1977-05Il-Pulizija : volume 1, no. 1 : 1977Marshall, Michael; Malta Police Force
1978-02Il-Pulizija : volume 1, no. 10 : 1978Marshall, Michael; Malta Police Force