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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Auditing intrusion threats targeting Windows-based workstationsMifsud, Francesco (2011)
2014Automated web site blacklistingCohen, Keith (2014)
2014-11Challenges faced when forcing malware execution down hidden pathsGatt, James; Vella, Mark; Micallef, Mark
2018Comparison of a shoulder surfing resilient graphical password scheme to text-based authenticationGrech, Nathaniel
2013Detecting malicious computer useSultana, Steven (2013)
2017Detection of fast flux botnetsAzzopardi, FrankPaul
2017Enhancing android malware sandboxes with anti-evasion code patchingLeguesse, Yonas
2019Hooking Android apps for just-in-time memory dumpingBellizzi, Jennifer; Vella, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2019Living off Android’s accessible landLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2020Memory forensics of QakbotBorg, Steve (2020)
2021PoPL : proof-of-presence and locality, or how to secure financial transactions on your smartphoneLeguesse, Yonas; Colombo, Christian; Vella, Mark; Hernandez-Castro, Julio
2017-07-23Ransomware taking digital data hostageKosciejew, Marc
2020Reducing the forensic footprint with Android accessibility attacksLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark; Colombo, Christian; Hernandez-Castro, Julio
2019Responding to Ethereum web-application attacksSciberras, Franklyn Josef
2019Responding to PowerShell attacksSciberras, Neil
2021Runtime verification for trustworthy secure shell deploymentCurmi, Axel; Colombo, Christian; Vella, Mark
2021RV-TEE : secure cryptographic protocol execution based on runtime verificationVella, Mark; Colombo, Christian; Abela, Robert; Špaček, Peter
2020SpotCheck : on-device anomaly detection for AndroidVella, Mark; Colombo, Christian