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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Backflush accounting as adopted by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc : an evaluationMagri, Mauro
2012A case for assisting ‘product family’ manufacturing system designersFrancalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan C.; Constantinescu, Carmen
2019Development of a rapid prototyping solution for vulcanized rubber componentsVassallo, Matthew
2012Editor's word : change by designEllul, Ian C.
2012Editor's word : change by designEllul, Ian C.
2016Formation of the system of business processes at machine building enterprisesGarina, Ekaterina P.; Kuznetsov, Viktor P.; Egorova, Anastasia O.; Garin, Aleksandr P.; Yashin, Sergey N.
2014An investigation into value chains within the printing industryCurmi, Anna Marie
2017The legal implications of additive manufacturingMicallef, Nigel
2009-05A novel process for the manufacture of auxetic foams and for their re-conversion to conventional formGrima, Joseph N.; Attard, Daphne; Gatt, Ruben; Cassar, Richard N.
2016Process chain for serial manufacture of polymer components with micro-and nano-scale features: optimisation issuesVella, Pierre C.; Kolew, Alexander; Dimov, Stefan Simeonov
2003Process for suppressing the nucleation and/or growth of interstitial type defects by controlling the cooling rate through nucleationMcCallum, Kirk D.; Brock, Alexander W.; Banan, Mohsen; Falster, Robert J.; Holzer, Joseph C.; Johnson, Bayard K.; Bum Kim, Chang; Kimbel, Steven L.; Lu, Zheng; Metti, Paolo; Voronkov, Vladimir V.; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Libbert, Jeffrey L.
2016Technology maturity assessment of micro and nano manufacturing processes and process chainsVella, Pierre C.; Dimov, Stefan Simeonov; Minev, Roussi; Brousseau, Emmanuel B.