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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20152000-2014 cetacean sighting records in the central Mediterranean region from sea-users : an evaluation of long-term trendsVella, Adriana; Vella, Joseph
2018Alien species are rapidly affecting native biodiversity conservationVella, Adriana
1998The application of multivariate analytical techniques to the study of marine benthic assemblages : a review with special reference to the Maltese IslandsMicallef, Rene M.; Schembri, Patrick J.
1995Biodiversity conservation and utilisation in the Maltese IslandsStevens, Darrin T.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Mallia, Adrian; Schembri, Patrick J.
2010Bluefin tuna conservation research in the central-southern Mediterranean spawning areaVella, Adriana
2016Catches of the sport fishing competitions along the Maltese coastAgius Darmanin, Sandra; Vella, Adriana
2004Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) status in the central and southern Mediterranean around the Maltese IslandsVella, Adriana
2008Crossroads at sea : state and local knowledge in the conceptualisation of the marine protected area in northwest MaltaSaid, Alicia Maree (2008)
2013Development of a novel tool to predict different water quality scenarios within a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Maltese Islands : the 2D SHYFEM-BFM modelCucco, Andrea; Umgiesser, Georg; Deidun, Alan; Tarasova, R.; Azzopardi, Joel; Gauci, Adam Pierre
2010First research sightings of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in coastal waters of the Maltese Islands, central-southern MediterraneanVella, Adriana
2016Genetic barcoding of elasmobranches in Malta (Central Mediterranean)Vella, Adriana; Schembri, Sarah; Vella, Noel
2013Genetic population structure of the endangered dusky grouper, epinephelus marginatus, in the Maltese archipelago as revealed by 14 microsatellite markersSorensen, Molly; Vella, Adriana
2015Maltese fisheries and conservation of large predators, including sharks and dolphinsVella, Noel; Vella, Adriana
2005Maltese marine conservation areas : will the urgent needs be met?Agius Darmanin, Sandra; Vella, Adriana
2010Preliminary population genetic structure of the endangered dusky grouper, epinephelus marginatus, in Malta as revealed by six microsatellite markersBuchholz-Sorensen, Molly; Vella, Adriana
2016Preliminary results from monitoring of selected sparidae species caught by recreational and sports anglers along the Maltese coastAgius Darmanin, Sandra; Vella, Adriana
2010A preliminary study of the bluntnose sixgill shark, Hexanchus Griseus, in the Central Mediterranean region, around the Maltese IslandsVella, Noel; Vella, Adriana
2003Rdum MajjiesaSchembri, Patrick J.
2016Resolving bottlenose dolphin-fisheries association problems in Maltese waters, Central MediterraneanVella, Adriana
2018Safeguarding marine biodiversity in a changing world : Maltese small-scale fisheries and alien speciesVella, Adriana; Vella, Noel