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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The convention for the protection of the marine environment and the coastal region of the Mediterranean and its protocolsSciberras, Gabrielle
2018Does absence of charismatic species impact the ecotourism potential of Central Mediterranean islands?Agius, Karl; Theuma, Nadia; Deidun, Alan
2021Future conditions and scenarios for marine special planning and sustainable blue economy opportunities in the western MediterraneanKhalil, Aya; Pastor Reyes, Ingrid; Pinarbaşi, Kemal; Cervera-Nuñez, Cristina; Iglesias Campos, Alejandro; Halim, Firdaous
2018Review and collection of the available datasets on indicators and human pressures/impacts on Mediterranean deep deep-sea ecosystemsCiuffardi, Tiziana; Fanelli, Emanuela; Angeletti, Lorenzo; Barsanti, Mattia; Bianchelli, Silvia; Bosso, Martina; Brind'Amour, Anik; Canals, Miquel; Cantafaro, Annalucia; Carugati, Laura; Castellan, Giorgio; Conte, Fabio; de Haan, Liam; Delbono, Ivana; Evans, Julian; Fabri, Marie-Claire; Foglini, Federica; Galgani, François; Galil, Bella S.; Goren, Menachem; Grande, Valentina; Grimalt, Joan O.; Guell, Queralt; Jadaud, Angelique; Knittweis, Leyla; Lopez, Jordi; Morgana, Giancarlo J.; Prato, Susanna; Sanchez-Vidal, Anna; Schembri, Patrick J.; Schirone, Antonio; Soldevila, Emma; Taviani, Marco; Vaz, Sandrine; Danovaro, Roberto
2018Review of literature on the implementation of the MSFD to the deep Mediterranean SeaFabri, Marie-Claire; Brind'Amour, Anik; Jadaud, Angelique; Galgani, Francois; Vaz, Sandrine; Taviani, Marco; Scarcella, Giuseppe; Canals, Miquel; Sanchez, Anna; Grimalt, Joan; Galil, Bella; Goren, Menachem; Schembri, Patrick J.; Evans, Julian; Knittweis, Leyla; Cantafaro, Anna-Lucia; Fanelli, Emanuela; Carugati, Laura; Danovaro, Roberto
1988Sea management as the management of complexity : the Mediterranean caseVallega, Adalberto
2019A spatial prioritisation exercise for marine spatial planning implementation within the North-East MPA of the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan; Fenech, Daniel; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Galea, Anthony; Drago, Aldo
2021Technical report : Current conditions and compatibility of maritime uses in the western MediterraneanKhalil, Aya; Pastor Reyes, Ingrid; Pinarbaşi, Kemal; Halim, Firdaous; Iglesias Campos, Alejandro; Cervera Nuñez, Cristina; Colombier, Marie; Marsit, Firas