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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis and comparison of Bitcoin and S and P 500 market features using HMMs and HSMMsSuda, David; Spiteri, Luke
2015Analysis on queueing systems having general inter-arrival time and service time distributionsDemanuele, Therese (2015)
2014Applying the theory of Markov chains and point processes in the study of HPV virusesDebono, Clayton (2014)
2017Bayesian modelling of tactical patterns in footballMicallef, Dale (2017)
2017Characterizing the effect of covariates in the rate of admission and duration of stay in the hospitalCaruana, Roberta
2016Collision avoidance system for RPASZammit, Melvin
2009Computational methods in Bayesian statisticsTua, Alan (2009)
2016Controlling stochastic currency risk exposure optimallySant, Jaromir (2016)
2013Costing mixed coxian phase-type systems in a given time intervalMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Gillespie, Jennifer; Fullerton, Ken
2014Costing mixed coxian phase-type systems with poisson arrivalsMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Fullerton, Ken
2015Discrete semi Markov patient pathways through hospital care via Markov modellingPapadopoulou, Aleka; McClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit
2014Discrete-time and continuous-time approaches to multi-asset modellingLa Ferla, Karinne (2014)
2016Entropy and correlations in an open quantum systemCaruana, Melissa (2016)
2014Estimation of force of infection based on different epidemiological proxies : 2009/2010 Influenza epidemic in MaltaMarmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Cook, A.; Kleczkowski, A.
2013Evolutionary algorithmsSpiteri, Maria (2013)
2018Fast algorithms for indices of nested split graphs approximating real complex networksSciriha, Irene; Briffa, Johann A.; Debono, Mark
2020Financial protection for the elderly - contracts based on equity release and critical health insuranceZmyslona, Beata; Marciniuk, Agnieszka
2011Hidden Markov model toolkit for speech recognition using MATLABCarter, Jonathan (2011)
2020Hidden Markov models and their extensions with applications in finance and gamblingSpiteri, Luke
2015HIV disease progression modelling using phase type survival treesGafa`, Marija