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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Class solution development and imaging considerations for spinal SABRBezzina, Mark
2018EFOMP policy statement 16 : the role and competences of medical physicists and medical physics experts under 2013/59/EURATOMCaruana, Carmel J.; Tsapaki, Virginia; Damilakis, John; Brambilla, Marco; Martin, Guadalupe Martin; Dimov, Asen; Bosmans, Hilde; Egan, Gillian; Bacher, Klaus; McClean, Brendan
2010Imaging urinary stone disease : new conceptsVassallo, Pierre
2010Imaging-guided radiofrequency and microwave tumor ablationVassallo, Pierre
2013MR imaging of early Rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathy : part 1Vassallo, Pierre
2014Optimization of beam quality for coronary angiography procedures in Interventional Paediatric Cardiology : a phantom studyPace, Eric
1998Paget' s disease : quantification of TC 99m- MDP uptake in patients with Paget' s disease and its correlation with serum alkaline phosphatase.Grech, Marvin
2020Paging Dr AI to radiologyPisani, Robert; Xuereb, Amy
2023The role of radiographers in nuclear medicine ; the link between patient and technologyBaun, Christina; Garcia, Rodrigo; Costa, Pedro; Champendal, Mélanie; Borg Grima, Karen; Murphy, Shauna; Geäo, Ana
2022Root canal width as a mandibular maturity marker at the 18‑year threshold in the Maltese populationTangkabutra, Sriwisut; Alzoubi, Emad Eddin; Roberts, Graham; Lucas, Victoria; Camilleri, Simon
2005Virtual colonoscopy.Cordina, Anthony