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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Adaptive pathways : possible next steps for payers in preparation for their potential implementationVella Bonanno, Patricia; Ermisch, Michae; Godman, Brian; Martin, Antony P.; Van Den Bergh, Jesper; Bezmelnitsyna, Liudmila; Bucsics, Anna; Arickx, Francis; Bybau, Alexander; Bochenek, Tomasz; Van de Casteele, Marc; Diogene, Eduardo; Eriksson, Irene; Fürst, Jurij; Gad, Mohamed; Greičiūtė-Kuprijanov, Ieva; Van der Graaff, Martin; Gulbinovic, Jolanta; Jones, Jan; Joppi, Roberta; Kalaba, Marija; Laius, Ott; Langner, Irene; Mardare, Ileana; Markovic-Pekovic, Vanda; Magnusson, Einar; Melien, Oyvind; Meshkov, Dmitry O.; Petrova, Guenka I.; Selke, Gisbert; Sermet, Catherine; Simoens, Steven; Schuurman, Ad; Ramos, Ricardo; Rodrigues, Jorge; Zara, Corinne; Zebedin-Brandl, Eva; Haycox, Alan
2003Advances in ENT imagingZammit-Maempel, I.
2014Can management science methods do more to improve healthcare?Garg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Barton, Maria
2018The conceptualization of value in the value proposition of new health technologiesButtigieg, Sandra C.; van Hoof, Joost
2012Editor's word : equipoiseEllul, Ian C.
2013Editor's word : remedium universalisEllul, Ian C.
2015An investigation of the influences determining the adoption of cloud based approaches within the health sectorTonna, Stephen
2009Modelling and simulation techniques for supporting healthcare decision making : a selection frameworkClarkson, John; Slote Morris, Zoe; Jun, Gyuchan Thomas; Eldabi, Tillal; Jahangirian, Mohsen; Naseer, Aisha; Stergioulas, Lampros; Taylor, Peter; Xue, Maggy; Young, Terry; Berger, Sue; Bolt, Tim; Brailsford, Sally; Connell, Con; Klein, Jonathan; Patel, Brijesh; Barton, Maria; Garg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Harper, Paul
2005Nurses' perspectives regarding the use of medical equipment on the general wards at St. Luke's Hospital.Farrugia, Fiona
2015Oxford University : licence to shoot bubblesEllul, Ian C.
2017The pre-conditions influencing the adoption of innovative medical technologies amongst healthcare professionals : the case of point of care testingSaliba, Luke
2014Recent advances in cardiovascular imaging : part 1Borg, Alexander
2006The role of biomedical physics-engineering in the development of medical device education for the healthcare professionsCaruana, Carmel J.
2007The role of biomedical physics-engineering in the development of medical device education for the healthcare professionsCaruana, Carmel J.
2012Technology in wound management : is negative pressure wound therapy efficient and safe in treating the diabetic foot.Zammit, Teddie
2013Trainable COSFIRE filters for keypoint detection and pattern recognitionAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2014A tribute to Steven SpielbergEllul, Ian C.