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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adolescents' perceptions of mental health problemsSaid, Amanda
2008Approaches carers take in dealing with challenging behaviour in people with learning disabilitiesCiantar, Mary Josephine
2011Assessing and improving the mental health outreach team service.Runza, Theresa
2011Family members' experiences of local mental health services received by their relatives : a qualitative study.Farrugia, Mark
2020-05Health & Wellness Talks : Programmes 1-9University of Malta. Health & Wellness Centre; University of Malta. Communications Office; Sammut, Carmen; Camilleri, Joan
2018-04Help-seeking online by young people : does the influence of others matter?Stretton, Alexander; Spears, Barbara A.; Taddeo, Carmel; Drennan, Judy
2018-06Il-Musbieh : Malta Nursing and Midwifery Journal : Issue 79 : June 2018Camilleri, Joseph
2006The impact of media stigmatization on patient's perceptions of their mental illness : a qualitative studyGafa, Kevin
2017Innovations in practice : a case control and follow-up study of ‘hard to reach’ young people who suffered from multiple complex mental disordersCamilleri, Nigel; Newbury-Birch, Dorothy; McArdle, Paul; Stocken, Deborah D.; Thick, Tony; Le Couteur, Ann
1997-10Integrated drug, alcohol and mental health services : an effective response to problems of dual diagnosisGauci, Doris
2006An investigation of family carers whose relatives have difficulty engaging with traditional mental health services.Galea, Carmen
2015Malta Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.2(1)Gatt, Daniela
2015-05The nurse is present : a review exploring the temporality of illness through presence and narrative, an artist's perspectiveBaldacchino, Pamela
2012Nurses' experiences of control and restraint in an acute mental health setting.Portelli, Tiziana
2012Nurses' knowledge regarding the care given to older adults with depression in an elderly institutional settingFalzon, Anne Marie
2009Nurses' perceptions of the social exclusion of patients with co-morbid mental health and substance misuse problems.Said, Stefan
2009The nurses' perceptions regarding the causes of the revolving door syndrome.Vella, Mary
2012The nurses' role in an acute psychiatric multidisciplinary team.Falzon, Marthese
2012Optimising quality of life in schizophrenics : professional versus peer led interventions.Inguanez, Lara
2008Parents'/guardians' experiences of mental health problems encountered by their adolescent children.Cachia Attard, Marie Claire