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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A collective image of the Order of St John through Maltese history schoolbooksCassar, George
2018Epilogue [The struggle for supremacy : the Mediterranean world in 1453 and beyond]Munro, Dane
2017-06The first schism affecting the Order of Saint LazarusSavona-Ventura, Charles
2017-06Foreword : King St Louis and the Order of St LazarusSavona-Ventura, Charles
2017-06A Hospitalis infirmorum Sancti Lazari de Jerusalem before the first crusadeSavona-Ventura, Charles
2018The journey in this bookMunro, Dane
2009L-Ordni ta’ San ĠwannButtigieg, George Gregory
2009The military monastic orders in the Holy Land : some historical-sociological considerationsCassar, George
2017-06Of Papal Bulls and political intrigue : the attempted abolition of an OrderGatt, Raymond
2008Offering shelter to pilgrims : patterns of land acquisitions among the Hospitaller and the Templar military ordersMercieca, Simon
2012Politics and power in Grand Master Verdalle’s Statuta Hospitalis Hierusalem (1588)Buttigieg, Emanuel
2015The road to Jerusalem : the Amalfitan Hospice in Jerusalem in its earliest stage until the First CrusadeMunro, Dane
2018The struggle for supremacy : the Mediterranean world in 1453 and beyondCassar, George; Munro, Dane; Buttigieg, Noel
2015-11The suppression of the Order of St Anthony of Vienne in 1775 : the consequent interactions between the Order of the Hospital and the Order of St LazarusGatt, Raymond
2018To eat & drink with the enemyButtigieg, Noel
2015-11Torri ta’ Lanzun : from farmhouse to Grand Chancellery of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of JerusalemSavona-Ventura, Charles