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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adaptive interfaces for mobiles within the workplace environmentCassar, Jurgen
2007Applying ubiquitous commerce concepts to wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2011Augmenting life experiences through handheld devicesMontebello, Matthew
2014Automatic agenda compilerMamo, Romina (2014)
2016Cloud-based rendering of natural video on mobile devicesMallia, Mark
2017A comparison of touch-screen interfaces and voice-user-interfaces : an explorative study for multi-modal designGalea, Daniel Edward
2013Context-awareness through smart mobile technology for detection of self-injury risk in wandering elders diagnosed with early stages of dementiaCachia, Colin (2013)
2019D2D cooperation for efficient transmission of live multi-view video in LTE-A cellular networksZammit, John
2005Database correlation methods using prediction models for location detection in cellular networksCalleja, Christian (2005)
2007The deployment of major principles of pervasive computing on wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2017Developing UI/UX design guide for e-commerce mobile applicationsGatt, Anatoliy
2016A domain–specific language for automated testing of iOS applicationsFalzon, Jacob
2019Effective car traffic management using different technologiesGalea, Mikhail Andrei
2006An evaluation of a language for paper-based form sketchingFarrugia, Philip J.; Borg, Jonathan C.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Bartolo, Alexandra; Restrepo-Giraldo, John D.
2009Exploiting adaptive window techniques to reduce TCP congestion in mobile peer networksBuhagiar, Julian K.; Debono, Carl James
2017Extending Android's binder as a basis for application monitoringLaferla, Giancarlo
2016Fast high definition video rendering on mobile devicesBorg, Matthew; Debono, Carl James
2015Fast video rendering on mobile devicesBorg, Matthew
2012-09Football like you've never seen it beforeDuca, Edward
2015Investigating bird sound recognition for scientific surveying and citizen science on a smart phoneGalea, Nicholas