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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adaptive interfaces for mobiles within the workplace environmentCassar, Jurgen
2017AndroNeo : hardening Android malware sandboxes by predicting evasion heuristicsLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua
2007Applying ubiquitous commerce concepts to wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2012Augmented reality assisted drivingAttard, Daniel (2012)
2011Augmenting life experiences through handheld devicesMontebello, Matthew
2014Automatic agenda compilerMamo, Romina (2014)
2016Cloud-based rendering of natural video on mobile devicesMallia, Mark
2017A comparison of touch-screen interfaces and voice-user-interfaces : an explorative study for multi-modal designGalea, Daniel Edward
2013Context-awareness through smart mobile technology for detection of self-injury risk in wandering elders diagnosed with early stages of dementiaCachia, Colin (2013)
2019D2D cooperation for efficient transmission of live multi-view video in LTE-A cellular networksZammit, John
2005Database correlation methods using prediction models for location detection in cellular networksCalleja, Christian (2005)
2007The deployment of major principles of pervasive computing on wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2017Developing UI/UX design guide for e-commerce mobile applicationsGatt, Anatoliy
2012Development of mobile applications for windows phone and webOSAquilina, Kurt (2012)
2016A domain–specific language for automated testing of iOS applicationsFalzon, Jacob
2019Effective car traffic management using different technologiesGalea, Mikhail Andrei
2019ELIMINATION from design to analysisKhalifa, Ahmed; Gopstein, Dan; Togelius, Julian
2006An evaluation of a language for paper-based form sketchingFarrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan C.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Bartolo, Alexandra; Restrepo-Giraldo, John D.
2009Exploiting adaptive window techniques to reduce TCP congestion in mobile peer networksBuhagiar, Julian K.; Debono, Carl James
2017Extending Android's binder as a basis for application monitoringLaferla, Giancarlo