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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Deformation mechanisms in auxetic calix(4)arene systemsSpiteri, Brian
2000-12Do zeolites have negative Poisson's ratios?Grima, Joseph N.; Jackson, Rosie; Alderson, Andrew; Evans, Kenneth E.
2013The emerging role of cloud computing in molecular modellingEbejer, Jean Paul; Fulle, Simone; Morris, Garrett M.; Finn, Paul W.
2005Empirical modelling using dummy atoms (EMUDA) : an alternative approach for studying “auxetic” structuresGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Chircop Bray, Trevor Giles; Alderson, Andrew; Evans, Kenneth E.
2011Molecular modelling of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubesZammit, Audrey
2004Molecular modelling of the deformation mechanisms acting in auxetic silicaAlderson, Andrew; Alderson, Kim L.; Evans, Kenneth E.; Grima, Joseph N.; Williams, M. R.; Davies, Philip J.
2003Molecular modelling of zeolites with negative Poisson's ratiosWood, Michelle (2003)
2008Molecular modelling studies on auxetic host-guest calix(4)arene systemsFarrugia, Luke
2011-01Molecular networks with a near zero Poisson's ratioGrima, Joseph N.; Attard, Daphne
2016-07Nano networks exhibiting negative linear compressibilityGrima, Joseph N.; Degabriele, Edera P.; Attard, Daphne
2008-03On the atomic level deformations in the auxetic zeolite natroliteGatt, Ruben; Zammit, Victor; Caruana, Christian; Grima, Joseph N.
2000-07Self expanding molecular networksGrima, Joseph N.; Evans, Kenneth E.
2007A sorption study of auxetic materials : a preliminary studyBrincat, Jean-Pierre (2007)