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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Banks’ risk taking behavior and the optimization monetary policyTriandhari, Risna; Safuan, Sugiharso; Syamsudin, M.; Alamsyah, Halim
2015-03Comparing fiscal multipliers across models and countries in EuropeKilponen, Juha; Pisani, Massimiliano; Schmidt, Sebastian; Corbo, Vesna; Hledik, Tibor; Hollmayr, Josef; Hurtado, Samuel; Julio, Paulo; Kulikov, Dmitry; Lemoine, Matthieu; Lozej, Matija; Lundvall, Henrik; Maria, Jose R.; Micallef, Brian; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Rysanek, Jakub; Sideris, Dimitrios; Thomas, Carlos; Walque, Gregory de
2017Development of the international monetary system conditions of globalizationEfremenko, Innessa Nikolaevna; Haabazoka, Lubinda; Larionov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
2017The evolution of e-moneyVlasov, Andrei V.
2012Growth with resilience in East Asia and the 2008-2009 global recessionBriguglio, Lino; Piccinino, Stephen
2018Impact of fiscal, monetary and structural economic policies on the growth rates of leading economies : 2000-2016Ponkratov, V. V.; Karaev, A.; Solyannikova, S.; Gorlova, O.; Smirnov, D.; Makashina, O.
2017The impact of sovereign debt on growth : an empirical study on GIIPS versus JUUSD countriesEwaida, Haytham Y. M.
2004The independence of central bank in view of Rogoff : the Turkish experienceBaydur, Cem Mehmet; Suslu, Bora; Bekmez, Selahattin
2008Inflation dynamics in Romania - a new Keynesian perspectiveCiurila, Nicoleta; Murarasu, Bogdan
2017-01Low inflation in the euro area : causes and consequencesCiccarelli, Matteo; Osbat, Chiara; Micallef, Brian; Gatt, William
2017Model for integrating monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate economic growth and sustainable debt dynamicsSlepov, V. A.; Burlachkov, V. K.; Danko, T. P.; Kosov, Mikhail Evgenievich; Volkov, I. I.; Ivolgina, N. V.; Sekerin, V. D.
2018Monetary policy and clustering for achieving competitiveness in national businessGryzunova, Natalie Vladimirovna; Tsertseil, Juliya Sergeevna; Kookueva, Viktoriya Vladimirovna; Zaharova, D. S.
2011Monetary policy responses to the global crisis : a comparative analysis of the ECB and the federal reserveAxisa, Martin
2012Policy success, policy failure : a two case studyPortelli, Mirko
2018-07The relationship stock returns and monetary policy shocksKaya, Emine
2012Responses of monetary authorities in emerging economies to international financial crises : what do we really know?Allegret, Jean Pierre
2018The role of crypto-currencies in the development of the global currency systemEfremenko, I. N.; Panasenkova, T. V.; Artemenko, D. A.; Larionov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
2012The role of monetary policy in the economic recovery following the 2008-2009 global financial crisis with special reference to small statesSaliba, Carmen
2013The role of monetary policy in the economic recovery following the 2008-2009 global financial crisis with special reference to small statesSaliba, Carmen
2006Testing money supply endogeneity : the case of Greece (1975-1998)Panagopoulos, Yannis; Spiliotis, Aristotelis