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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysing the cross correlation between the four European markets in light of the Brexit situationCauchi, Thomas
2017The application of flexibility under the reformed stability and growth pactAndrejevic, Nikola (2017)
2014Assessing credit cycle extraction methods for operationalising the countercyclical capital buffer in European Union economiesSultana, Luke (2014)
2021Assessing the impact of regulatory implementation since joining the European Union : analysing Fisher’s equation of exchange for MaltaSpiteri, Sarah (2021)
2005Asymmetric shocks, structural rigidities and adjustment capability in EMU - a reviewTheodoropoulos, Sotirios
2008A comparative analysis of the Euro changeover process in the new member states : best practices in implementing a smooth Euro changeover processScerri, Marisa (2008)
2014Debt crisis and fiscal consolidation in SpainGaletić, Fran; Ostojić, Maja
2006Economic and monetary union and the ten new member states : a comparative analysisAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2006The economics of the single currencyAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2016The effect of the Eurosystem's euro banknote anti-counterfeiting measures on the money-users in MaltaCatania, Charmaine (2016)
2020The effectiveness of monetary and fiscal stimulus on inflation expectations : an analysis for selected Euro area countriesDebono, Jeremy
2021Effects of adopting the Euro : a case study of MaltaSammut, Dale (2021)
2016The effects of the ECB’s unconventional monetary policy on the non-Euro area EU member statesTrifonova, Silvia; Atanasov, Atanas; Kolev, Svilen
2019The effects of the European Central Bank's quantitative easing on Euro area financial markets and the real economy : a systematic literature reviewChatland, Nathan
2008-07-28Euro banknote recyclingCentral Bank of Malta
2013-02-04The Euro crisisBriguglio, Lino
1989Europe 1992 : the single market and companiesCamilleri, John (1989)
2013The European Monetary Union; its crisis and the prospects of non-member states : the widespread impact, lessons and transformationsCutajar, Melvin
2013Evolution of economic governance in the European monetary unionCentral Bank of Malta; Attard, Silvio; Demarco, Alexander
2017The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank : a comparison of their unconventional monetary policy measuresGrima, Jurgen