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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Adapting literature to the language classroomPace, Mario
2020Asian and African business students : a comparative analysis of their motivation, family support and culture on business orientationGenoveva, Genoveva; Kartawaria, Filbertha Nathania
2011The effects of assessment on design and technology students at Form 1 and 2Mizzi, Manuel
2016Foreign language proficiency & certification - an evaluationPace, Mario
2012The impact of different assessment methods on biology students' motivation and interestAbela, Rodiann
2020The impact of personality on scholarly performance in the light of intervening job of scholarly motivationSabir, Almas; Znaidi, Koauther; Rejeb, Nesrine Zouaoui
2010Indagine sulle motivazioni e sulle aspettative delle studentesse che studiano l'italiano nella terza mediaAttard, Cynthia (2010); Zerafa, Lenise
2015L'uso della musica nella classe d'italiano LSPace, Mario
2014Mature students in educationZammit, Silvana
2015Modern problems and challenges in language teaching todayPace, Mario
1998-11The motivated child : looking at the emotional factors affecting readingTaylor, Geraldine
2012Motivating learning through mobile interactionDingli, Alexiei; Seychell, Dylan
1991Motivation and educationSultana, Ronald G.
2018Music in the language classroom - motivation and learningPace, Mario
2018-11Parental support, student motivational orientation and achievement : the impact of emotionsMata, Lourdes; Pedro, Isaura; Peixotoa, Francisco J.
2012The relationship between students' motivation and their performance in physics : an empirical studyZammit, Carl
2005Relationships among self-regulated learning components, motivational beliefs and computer programming achievement in an online learning environmentYukselturk, Erman; Bulut, Safure
2015Speaking their language. Reviving the teaching of foreign languages in secondary schools in Malta. The Language Proficiency Assessment National ProjectPace, Mario
2015The teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes – how and whyPace, Mario
2017What motivates teachers to give their best?Attard, Luke